Magic Pengel: the Quest for Color - Get Kiba39s letter 1 Encyclopedia Page


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Get Kiba's letter 1 Encyclopedia Page

Collect 1,000,000 gold gems to unlock the page

Get Kiba's Research page 1

Beat the fake doodles after finding leter page 1 and Galileo's book

Get Kiba's Research page 2

Beat all doodles from research page 1

Get Kiba's Research page 3

Beat all doodles from research page 2

Get Kiba's letter 2 Encyclopedia Page

Beat all doodles from Kiba's research page 3

Doodle tips

Once you have all the extra doodle options these are some tips that will help you create a powerful doodle. Never delete a doodle. If you delete a doodle all hes exp will be lost. Simple UNDO all of it and start over without exiting the doodle screen. When your finished you will notice your "new doodle" will have the same exp as your last one but, with his own stats. The exp will give him a power boost to all his stats. Once you can buy brushes buy them all because each brush can give you a better attack. For example while making a sword use Very Thin Brush to get a slashing attack which gives you more damage."very thin should also be used for wings." Use very thick for attacking types to get big arms for punching. The rest is up to you

A Little Hint

When Facing The Doodle King Make Sure You Use Block Types Because They Are The Only Ones With Reflect. When The Doodle King Uses Magic You Should Use Reflect Because The Effect Reflects off you and hit him...

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