Cooking by the book
Objective: Cast a Magick successfully.

State Alchemist
Objective: Create a spell that contains at least 3 different elements.

Basic Element
Objective: Use all basic elements at least once.

An eye for an eye
Objective: Defeat Behold, the watcher

No more trolling
Objective: Defeat Ygg.

Let off some steam
Objective: Create a spell containing Steam.

Objective: Break free from entanglement without using spells or magicks.

Vanilla Ice
Objective: Create a spell containing only Ice.

The Enchanter
Objective: Imbue your weapon with a spell.

RPG much?
Objective: Complete all side quests in the game.

Solid Snake
Objective: Defeat Jormungandr.

Objective: Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.

It's over nine thousand!!!!
Objective: Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.

Killing your friends, you're doing it wrong
Objective: Heal a total of 100 000 hit points.

There is no goat level
Objective: Defeat Jotunn.

Wingardium Leviosa
Objective: Push someone off a cliff.

Never cross the beams
Objective: Cross opposite beams so that at least someone dies from it.

Saved by the king
Objective: Defeat the Warlock and Machine.

One in a million?
Objective: Get struck by a thunderbolt and survive.

First Blood
Objective: Kill one enemy using the M60.

Objective: Defeat Khan

"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch"
Objective: Die from falling damage.

Objective: Get thrown back in time by Vlad.

Blue� No Yelloooow!
Objective: Have a hard time settling on a color.

More like the Aristocats
Objective: Defeat the Aristocrats.

I'm the wizard king, I can do anything!
Objective: Create a spell that contains 5 different elements.

OMG! They killed Yellow!
Objective: Die with yellow robes.

Finders keepers
Objective: Steal your friends equipment after he has died.

Play it again, Vlad
Objective: Defeat Vlad.

Don't fear the reaper
Objective: Defeat Death.

This is Magicka!
Objective: Push the soldier in battlefield down the hole.

There can be only one
Objective: Kill MacLeod.

101st Airborne
Objective: Jump off a cliff and save yourself by teleporting.

Dragon "Slayer"
Objective: Defeat Fafnir.

I think Magicka is a pretty cool guy
Objective: Defeat Assatur.

Bad Taste
Objective: Overkill 1000 enemies.

The perfect storm
Objective: All players survived a thunderstorm.

Deep Impact
Objective: Kill 5 enemies with a single Earth projectile.

It's raining (beast)men
Objective: Gib 5 beastmen in 5 seconds.

Better you than me
Objective: Be invisible while one other player dies.

Objective: Kill 20 enemies with one spell or magick.

We are the champions
Objective: Survive all waves of a challenge.

Lead farmer
Objective: Kill 1000 enemies using firearms

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Objective: Aquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

I call it a Hawking Hole
Objective: Make 50 enemies get sucked into the same Vortex.

King's Quest
Objective: Find all the moose.

Sherlock Holmes
Objective: Find all secret areas in the game.

Stuff of legends
Objective: Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.

Too fancy for fireballs?
Objective: Complete one level using only magicks.

Mission improbable
Objective: Complete Adventure in less than 4 hours.

Good Company
Objective: Accomplish all objectives in the Vietnam rescue mission