Magnant - Cheat Mode

Magnant - Cheat Mode
Cheat Mode:
Start the game. Hit the [Enter] to open Message Box and enter your codes.

Code - Result
on screen Reveal Map
showpath Reveal Map
fow on Turn on the "Fog of War"
fow off Turn off the "Fog of War"
fastdebug Fast debug speed
normaldebug Normal debug speed
skipthislevelplease Victory
iliketoloose Defeat
setgodmodeplease Toggle God Mode on/off
givemepowerplease Give lots of Mana to your Spell casting units
whatareyoudoing Enable All Cheats
icantwait super-fast Sugar Harvesting
givemeresourcesnow Increases resources by 12000 sugar, 5000 wood, & 5000 plancton
speedallplease Toggle Fast Debug Speed on/off. And if toggling it on, also gives 32000 to each of the 3 Resources