Medieval: Total War - Various Cheats

Medieval: Total War - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Enter a cheat below to activate the code

.mefoundsomeag. - All provinces get Silver

.mefoundsomeau. - All Provinces get Gold

.mefoundsomecu. - All provinces get Copper

.viagra. - All provinces get Iron

.matteosartori. - reveal Map

.badgerbunny. - All structures and units unlockes

.conan. - Play as rebels Code cannot be undone

.worksundays. - Faster building

.deadringer. - get 1 Million Florins

Other cheats

Submitted by Chris Jones

just open up the folowing foldes

C:/ ProgramsTotal WarMediavel - Total WarCampmapStartpos

Then from there choose what time period you want to play MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES JUST IN CASE

Choose Early, High, Late and open the text file.


SetStartDate:- xxxx
to what ever you want

And set the
SetLatePeriodStartDate:- xxxx to the same date.
If you choose to play in the Early it would be SetEarlyPeroidStartDate:-xxxx
and High would be SetHighPreiodStartDate:-xxxx

You must use 4 Numbers ie: 1000, 0050 or what ever you want.


If you scroll down to

Starting Treasury

Then choose what country you want to play ie:-
Change from:-
SetTreasury:: FNFRENCH 10000 8000 6000 4000
Change to:-
SetTreasury:: FNFRENCH 99999 99999 99999 99999

or any country you want

Close file SAVE and play

You can also change a lot of things in this file, do it and see what it dose if it works please post your results.

Command Line Codes

Start the game with the command line medievalTW.exe -ian and you can use the following keys during gameplay a Autorun

g -- Invincibility
i -- AI
h -- AI
s -- Get Tour
F5 -- Get Tour
CTRLI -- Panels
CTRL0-9 -- Change Faction

Other cheats

type in gimmesome to release 500 berber camals.this only works for the Egyptions
Submitted by unknown