Mega Man Network Transmission - Get the Chips You Want for Battle


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Get the Chips You Want for Battle

Exhaust the 15 chips in your folder that you don't want to use and Lan will give you the chip you want

Hidden Slots

Look in the upper right corner of Arcade Comp 2 for a hidden link

Chip Combinations

Combining these chips makes more powerful weapons

01. Zeta Cannon: Cannon HiCannon M-Cannon = 120 damage Invis3
02. Zeta Ratton: Ratton1 Ratton2 Ratton3 = 90 damage Invis3
03. Giga Burst: Spreader Bubbler HeatShot = 300 damage
04. Stream Arrow: DoubNdl TripNdl QuadNdl = 100 damage
05. Greatest Bomb: LilBomb CrosBomb BigBomb = 200 damage
06. Dream Sword 1: Sword WideSwrd LongSwrd = 200 damage
07. Dream Sword 2: FireSwrd AquaSwrd ElecSwrd = 300 damage
08. Dream Sword 3: FireBlde AquaBlde ElecBlde = 400 damage
09. Machine Punch: GutPunch ColdPnch DashAtk = 100 damage
10. Star Shower: SoniSlsh GravHold StarArro = 80 damage
11. Big Heart: Repair Recov300 Roll = 200 damage Full recovery
12. Guts Shoot: MetGuard DashAtk GutsMan = 300 damage
13. Double Hero: CustSwrd VarSwrd ProtoMan = 70 damage
14. Zero Counter: HiGuard ZetSaber Zero = 300 damage

Beat Fireman EASY

As you should know Fireman dose mostly tow moves firearm & burner. So use swords to go up to Fireman but not to close so you don't get hit burner then attack. It should take 5 swords to beat him sometimes he just dose firearm so you might die and be sure to use regular swords.

Easy Guts Man Fight

To beat Gutsman start off by shooting him when he raises his arms or jumps in the air. If he is in the air shoot him with battle chips then you wont hurt you when he hits the ground. Shoot him with battle chips if his arms go up or jump off the ground so you dont get hurt when he shoots a shockwave through the ground. If he gets close to you try to jump over him or slash him with a sword a couple of times.

Beat Fireman even easier

First buy two or three aqua swords from higsby's shop hint: keep jacking out to get the zenny required go to net on fire when you are facing Fireman slide under his flamethrower and make your way to him . Then when your close in range for your attack slash him with the aqua sword about three or four times. It's ok if you get damaged by his body fire.

Easy way to beat Spikeman

First you get shockwave and go into battle.When you start fighting him you use shockwave and the slide under his legs and hit him again. Do this repeatedly and you'll have a good chance of winning. For winning you'll get his attack where he shoots 8 needles at a time and alot of zenny.

Beat the bosses

FireMan: Go to Higsby's and buy 2 Aqua Swords. Then go and fight FireMan. It would take two hits from an Aqua Sword will immediately kill him.

GutsMan: Make sure you have Roll and some gun chips with you i.e. V-Gun, Cannon, Shotgun, and Hi-Cannon. Use the gun chips first and then when you start to lose health, use Roll. If you do not have some of the chips, FireMan works well also.

IceMan: This guy is the easiest of them all. Simply use FireMan, FireArm, and some strong gun chips to beat this boss.

NeedleMan: Same as IceMan only does more damage.

Spoiler and how to beat the life virus

message: the zero virus is not the last boss it is the life beat the life virus make sure that you have a folder with alot of different soon as the fight starts shoot him like there's no tomorrow if he gets a shield you shoot him with a chip

color of shield element
red water
green fire
water light
white plant

after you beat him he will transform into a red dragon looking thing, All you have to do to beat him is dodge his attacks very easybecause they are very powerful and just kill him with anything.

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