The Metronomicon

The Metronomicon


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Start Menu Cheat Codes:
At the 'Start' menu enter the following codes to enable the corresponding effect. To deactivate the cheats simply enter the code in again.

ALL Songs Play 33% Faster 'Chipmunk Mode':
View, View, B, X, B

Big Head Mode:
B, B, B, LStick, RStick

Converts the Game's Text and Dialogue to Gibberish:
X, X, X, B, B, RStick

If you Die in FreePlay Mode, the Song Continues until the End:
LB, X, LB, X, RB

Makes ALL Enemies in the game Harder for more Challenge:
LB, RB, X, B, RB

Unlock ALL Songs, Heroes, and Abitities in FreePlay Mode:
X, B, X, X, B, A

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