Micro Machines V3 - Various Cheats


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Key:;S SquareC CircleT TriangleX XR Right / L Left / U Up / D Down

Various Cheats

Pause the game then enter any of the following:

Effect Code
Change Car to any object D D U U R R L L
Floating Objects S T S S T S S T X
Slow CPU Cars C T S X C T S X
Camera Behind Car L R S C L R S C
Double Speed S X C S T X X X X

Debug Mode

During a race press Square Up Down Down Square Circle Circle Triangle X. You will hear a beep if done correctly. Now you can do any of the following:

Effect Code
Quit Race and Win Select X
Change Camera Select U D L R
Zoom In/Out Select L2/R2
Turn Players Car into a CPU Drone Select Square
Blow Up All Cars X T C S

Various Passwords

Enter these as the password screen:

Effect Code
All Tracks in Multi GIMMEALL
Tanks on all tracks TANKS4ME

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