Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition - Add 1 to Career Money Total


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Add 1 to Career Money Total:
Enter kubmir at the cheat menu.

No damage:
Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.

Faster pedestrians:
Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu.

Increase car mass in arcade mode:
Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu.

Argo special move:
Enter dfens at the cheat menu.

Zone special move:
Enter allin at the cheat menu.

Roar special move:
Enter Rjnr at the cheat menu.

Chrome head:
Enter haveyouseenthisboy at the cheat menu.

Flaming head:
Enter trythisathome at the cheat menu.

Yellow smile head:
Enter getheadj at the cheat menu.

Pumpkin head:
Enter getheadk at the cheat menu.

Bunny head:
Enter getheadl at the cheat menu.

Snowman head:
Enter getheadm at the cheat menu.

Subtract 1 from Career Money Total:
Enter rimbuk at the cheat menu.

All cities in arcade mode:
Enter roadtrip at the cheat menu.

Find Rockstar Logos:

Atlanta: When you get out of the garage immediately turn to the right. You will see a glass. Crash through to find the logo.

Atlanta: Drive to the bottom of the map. Look for a building with a large globe. There is a logo that reads "Nitro Cola". A logo is located directly under it.

Atlanta: Drive to the graveyard in the south of the map near the highway. There is a logo at the east part of the building.

Atlanta: Follow the highway until you reach a place with some construction work. Drive off the highway to your right side if driving north, and look for a tank station. Follow the building around and you will see a ramp/road going up. Get some speed, fly over, and you will land on the roof of the building. The logo should be directly in front of you.

Atlanta: Follow the highway until you see a building with a yellow sign on top that reads "DJ Smalls". Across the road is a small parking area where you can see a sign on another building that reads "Spike". To the left of that building is a basketball court and a logo.

Atlanta: Follow the building where your garage is located. Drive through the skeleton's mouth and you will find a logo.

San Diego: Find the aircraft carrier and locate the ramp to jump onto the flight deck. Here you'll find a logo.

San Diego: There is a logo behind the baseball stadium. Follow the highway to the back of the stadium. You will then see a small ramp. Drive up to find the logo.

San Diego: There is a logo at the top deck of the hangar ship.

San Diego: Drive to the beach at the top left of the map. Follow the beach until you see a small tunnel. There you'll find the logo.

San Diego: At the lower left of the map near the hanger ship, follow the coastline. There is no road close by. Follow the large building, and you will find a small road that leads up to a roof. Turn left and you will see the logo.

San Diego: Almost at the lower right corner at the map, there is a large parking garage. When you are on the street, drive to the bottom left corner of the building. Drive up the ramp, turn left, and drive through the window to find another logo.

San Diego: To the far left of the map at the roller coaster, drive up the ramp that is located to the north. Ride to find the logo.

Unlock Atlanta and Detroit Police Cars:
Successfully complete the game.

Unlock Skully Bike:
Win all of the "Chopper of America Bike Club" races.

Unlock Nissan Skyline:
Win all tuner racer tournaments.

Unlock Diablo Rigid:
Defeat Vanesssa three times in career mode.

Unlock Chrysler 300C "DUB EDITION":
Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.

Map Atlanta there is multiply glitches, but the most effective one done by OutWorldGods is, when on the highway driving clockwise on this highway, there are two intersections, not the first but the second intersection on the right hand side of the map. An individual must be going full speed mostly on a fast bike or a fast car like a marciellago and when come upon this intersection try and lean a bike or car into the wall. This will gurantee that an individual to go through the map and back at the starting point This is mostly effective on TAG.

Hidden Logos:
when you are in atlanta go to the city transporters and when you are facing straight towards the building turn to the left and slowly go down that street and you will be driving along a big white place that you will see on the map. Drive along the big white space until you come to a V shaped corner that will look like a V on the map, face directly at the point of it and spin half way around and you will be facing a wall. Go to the opposite side of the wall and there is a jump, very very slowly go up the jump so that you fall of the back and there will be a rockstar logo if you want another logo, get some speed and go off that same jump and land on a building and there will be a small jump in front of you, get some speed of that and there will be a logo somewhere on that building

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