Midnight Club: Street Racing - Unlock Everything


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Unlock Everything

At the code entry put in "AGEM" to unlock everything.

Unlock cars

For the cruiser line of vehicles put this code in "NIML". for the piranha cars put this code in "GTPB". and for the jones cars enter this code "LGKG".

Get both cities and some more cars

Enter lapc at the passcode screen and u should have some more cars and both cities or it will take you to London

Unlock second level

Go to career mode and at that screen go to passcodes and enter NYRA

New car

The code Sped Unlocks secret car.

Unlock london and more cars

Enter career mode and select the password text. enter in as the password NYPC then end. you shall start off a mission in london, exit career mode and cruise with your new rides.

Easy driving

When Racing always stay on the sidewalk you can make easy turns and avoid cars.

Various Cheats

Password Effect
NIML All Races Won with Emilio
GTBP All Races Won with Larry
LGKG All Races Won with Keiko
LAPC All Races Won with All Racers

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