h4x0r Crysis v1.2.1 (+9 Trainer)

Crysis v1.2.1 (+9 Trainer)


Crysis v1.2.1 (+9 Trainer)

Text file description:

       _______  _______     ________     ____    ____
          ||||___/ ||________||  ||
    /\______,|||/`      /        _|  ||
            |_   ||_       |____       `| __ ||
          /|  ||       <|        |/||
    /       `|___ ||__/   /   /____||/        /|
   `        ||||     ||`       |/  |
   Size: 663552 Bytes
   Ripper: ReeBSaW
   SuppLier: ReeBSaW                                                         
   Releasedate: 13-11-2007
   Requirements: Crysis-Razor1911
   Six stunning options for this great game:
   F1 - Infinite Healt, well your immortal..yeaaah.                          
   F2 - Infinite Power, you've got non decreasing power in your suite. Jump
        , sprint etc as long as you want.                                    
   F3 - Unlimited ammo, this was a tricky one. Well we fixed it now only YOU
        have got infinite ammo and no reload.                                
   F4 - Unlimited Grenade, gives you 99 grenades. Only works for you, and
        you will first have to find atleast 1 grenade. (works for flashbangs
        etc. too).                                                           
   F6 - Infinite Night Vision Energy, well now you can spy in the dark for
   F7 - Death Sentence, well basicly this is an one hit kill option. But it
        works a little different. For example: if you run to fast in a tree
        or something get's thrown at ya it will hurt you. The same goes for
        enemy. So when this option is activated, and they run to fast into a
        tree they'll be dead:) Use this option wise!
   Notes: What a great game this is! We had allot of fun playing this game
          and even more training. For example, the ammo hack was more
          advanced then it looks. (simple hacking will coz that everyone has
          infinite ammo and no reload). Enough technical stuff, we hope you
          enjoy this game and trainer. Special greets to you know who and
          This trainer is tested on WINXP 32 BIT and VISTA 32 BIT, both are
          working. As for the 64 BIT VISTA users, we will be looking into
          as soon as we find some more time;)                                
          PS VISTA USERS: Ya know the drill, run the trainer in administrator
   We are looking for experienced game hackers:)
                           ``   F%yhazk
  [Group NFO]                                                `|ooo"  `MMRd=?ah
                  ` h$gkymgqm:VMMHhi(y
   RELOADED                                   `         gyyyyphhhzssq$8Kmz=(x
   AVANGED                                kzxNOF}_ ```ihpahhzhhoaazhxsh$Tb=oa
   VITALITY                              1xkmyhhR#0 ` hzuzazaxzaazoxrir$ddry)
   VLISO                                 pkdI$pkkhRWK$pasonzaaa&aaot||))ybbm*
   RAZOR1911                             kdyJbkImmmkRKxa&nhxhx&&atan<*||=+ey}.
   FLT                                   >Imk?i&kmIIy9keaxi<|(nx&&uu}|<|(=/ib-
   aSxDOX                                 $kx)?tnxLLxsau&|*|*:*oan&&}**)(===x
   BREWERS                                adk?}\1kkx&xz*****:*|n&v&=*|<
   PIZZADOX                                kx)}>ihdxx}*}}***}**=&u&n}*?N%#?)
   and some more, but it doesnt fit:P      ?kk)=ahkx}*}***!**}!*-&env*|W%W9i
   you know who you are;)                   `syahph=***:*([i1)(*:?&&&||f0F0%H[
                        Greetz!              kpkpua>|:*}*NK%KF***"e&a*i5F##Wy
  PLease contact us for the following:        NJf=?|iWM%M%%WFAa1=}((|2FF+i$MWW
 1) Good and friendly game hackers...     :    t1J=N%WWMW%WF3((}>!>>WF88r(iMM$
 2) Pre game pre's;)                      ~~"   vty%%M%W%#%%}=i(}!}>)OKp(iM#
 3) Affil sites, prefered gbit.             "}  !aB%WM%%WW%KipYz>}}}}>>*!(rK,
 4) Fun!:D                                     ` `A#%W#%W#%%]]==)}|!>!"!!fO9
 ***************************************              O%WWW##E8PTa]t1fftD
 *  Mail: reebsaw@hush.ai              *                  F9Y     PVJHS
      [NFO design by n00cL30n & anton-]
                        [Team ReeBSaW: In the scene since 2001=====---------EoF]

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