MMA Simulator

MMA Simulator

100% Achievement Guide:
A quick way to gain 100% achievements in MMA Simulator.

Create a new game, make sure you set your start money to something that's
well over $1000000. This should give you the achievement Big Pockets.

Next, click Manage Equipment on the Gym tab. Add 10 to all Equipments (Strength,
Stamina, Coordination) and click Buy. This should give you the achievement
Equipment Master

While you're at it, click Manage Size and add as many rooms as you can and then
click Expand, I did 9 in total. You're expenditure will be sufficiently increased
and you'll get the Big Spender achievement.

Next, go to the Options tab on the left and click Create Fighter, make whatever
alterations you want or none at all and click Create. You'll now have the Creator

Finally, to get the Champion achievement, you'll need to win a championship in any
division. To do this, simply just upgrade what you can, skip through days on the
Mail tab until you get offered contracts for fight dates and make sure you train
your fighters. You can literally do this in 5-10 minutes if you realise what they
need to work on via sparring and adjusting their training towards this, just like
in real life. I got the achievement in May randomly while generating event results
but my fighters where winning multiple times before this, so keep that in mind,
keep an eye on them and if you've got even the slightest idea of how management
games work, you should have no problems getting this one pretty quickly.