Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front - Ace Mode


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Ace Mode

Beat The game once to get ace mode

Secret characters in simulator

Beat The game and you can use LC Schmister.
You can get more secret characters by completing certain simulations.

Get Sayla Character

Get 3 C ranks or below on the Federation missions

Get Garma Zabi Character

Get a S rank on Simulation Program 2

Get Char Aznable Character

Get a S rank on Simulation Program 1

Misson 7 help

Here is some help on the hard misson, misson 07, take the path to the right hiding behind rocks. Then advance up to the Guntank and destroy it with your melee weapon. to the left of the right path is a ramp go up it. keep walking to the northwest. The other guntank is there. Destroy it. Now send out your troops down the Left passage. HINT: to easily destroy Big Tray, use Zaku 1B with it's shotgun.

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