Monster Jam - Bonus trucks


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Start the game with the following parameters IE: "mtruck.exe NOAI"

NOAI - Other Trucks Have No Artificial Intelligence

SKIPUI - Skip User Interface Go Directly To Action

TRUCK - Specify Truck to use with SKIPUI option

WORLD - Specify World to use With SKIPUI option

WINDOWED - Start Game In Windowed Mode

/Team PiZZA

Bonus trucks:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding truck:

Avenger: Get first place in all events.
Blacksmith: Get 50,000 Monster Points.
Destroyer: Get 10,000 Monster Points.
El Toro Loco: Get 70,000 Monster Points.
Grave Digger 25th Anniversary: Win Las Vegas.
Iron Outlaw: Get first place in all events.
Monster Mutt Dalmation: Get first place in all events.
Pastrana 199: Get first place in all events.
Suzuki: Get 110,000 Monster Points.

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