Monster Truck Madness 64 - Full Time Hover

Monster Truck Madness 64 - Full Time Hover

Full Time Hover

Password: HVR PNK
Submitted by Charlie Baltazar

Extra Tracks

Win a circuit under Easy Medium or Hard to receive the Aztec Valley Alpine Challenge or Death Trap tracks respectively.

Low Rider

Password: YRDR

FullTime Missiles

Password: Y WNT T

Drive Packer Smasher Truck

At the Start screen press CDown CUp A Z R B.

Turbo Mode

Password: CFFNYN

Weird Mode

Password: JMPR

Gut Bomb

Password: BRPS

Level Passwords Beginner

Ruins GUp ArrowStarNJ2L0
Junk Yard JStarXQYN4G
The Heights MStarOT1Q9RLeft Arrow
Voodoo Island PLeft Arrow3W4TCStarLeft ArrowFUp Arrow
Greenhill Pass 5Up Arrow627WFX9Left Arrow23G
Wasteland VLeft Arrow92Up Arrow2Down Arrow0CL56B5V
Aztec Valley YYC5D2L3FRight Arrow89Down Arrow8Right ArrowB7

Level Passwords Intermediate

Junk Yard JNJMQL7S
The Heights MJMPTRight ArrowXRN
Voodoo Island PJPSWR0Star89R
Greenhill Pass SBSV2Star3XBCUp Arrow4Down Arrow
Wasteland VBVY2X60Down ArrowFD7B2M
Aztec Valley YFY15093HLeft ArrowGUp ArrowDown Arrow5675
Alpine Challenge 1N1483C6KLJDH89Up ArrowG4N

Level Passwords Expert

Ruins GKGHUp ArrowGStarLeft Arrow
Junk Yard JGJKLJPStar
The Heights MSMNRight ArrowM7QW
Voodoo Island PKPQRPUp ArrowT793
Greenhill Pass SKSTStarSDWUp ArrowC61R
Wasteland VOVWXVGZDF9463R
Aztec Valley YGY209YJ2GLeft ArrowC796462
Alpine Challenge 101231M5JLFUp ArrowC979S0D
Death Trap 404564P8MRight ArrowLeft ArrowDFCUp ArrowCV32KC