Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X

Game Cheats:
Inventory Items:
The following items can be found by searching the corrosponding coordinates. These items are used to access other areas.

Ermac's Pendant
Coordinates: -5, 18 (Dark Pass).
Unlocks: Unknown.

Jax's Rocket Launcher
Coordinates: 0, 12 (Khan's Stronghold).
Unlocks: Shrine of the Dead (-11, 12).

Kenshi's Kitana
Coordinates: 5, 30 (Shadow Spider's Hive).
Unlocks: Hollow Grounds Area (0, 25).

Kotal Khan's Sword
Coordinates: 22, 34 (Kotal's Kavern).
Unlocks: Shadow Spider’s Hive and Switch Passage.

Kung Lao's Hat
Coordinates: -7, 12 in the Shadow Spider Kave.
Unlocks: Hanging Bridge Access (-10, 21 in the Shadow Spider Kave).

Liu Kang's Fireball
Coordinates: 0, 6 (Shao Kahn's Tomb).
Unlocks: White Lotus Temple (-20, 4).

Raiden's Staff
Coordinates: 5,11 (Shadow Spider Kave).
Unlocks: Elder Chasm (20, 23) and Hidden Room (6, 24 in the Spider Gem Hold).

Reptile's Claw
Coordinates: 6, 30 (Widow's Pass).
Unlocks: Unknown.

Scorpion's Spear
Coordinates: -13, 19 (Walkway of Souls).
Unlocks: Scorpion Pit.

Spider Gem
Coordinates: Scorpion's Pit.
Unlocks: Room of Sacrifice.

Sub Zero's Iceball
Coordinates: -21, 20 (Frost Path).
Unlocks: Unknown.

Koin Chest Locations:
The following Koin chests can be found by searching the corresponding coordinates.

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: 1, 17 (Icy Hollow).
Cost: 150 (Timed Chest)

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: -5, 21 (Hollow Grounds).
Cost: 200 (Timed Chest)

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: 7, 10 (Shadow Spider Kave).
Cost: 754

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: 21, 35 (Kotal's Kavern).
Cost: 250

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: 2, 8 (Shao Kahn's Tomb).
Cost: 980

2,000 Koins
Coordinates: 5, -1 (Lost Mausoleum).
Cost: 860

4,000 Koins
Coordinates: 0, 1 (Krypt Gateway).
Cost: Free

4,000 Koins
Coordinates: -2, 7 (Frozen Graves).
Cost: 1,200

4,000 Koins
Coordinates: 1, 14 (Kahn's Stronghold).
Cost: 1,140

Entering the NetherRealm:
Enter the 'Shrine of the Dead' (-11, 12) by using Jax's Rocket Launcher. Then go to (-11, 13) and gamble your Koins so that you can win the Kamidogu along with other items in the process. You will need to gamble 10,000 Koins to obtain the Kamidogu and once in your possession you can use it to get access to the NetherRealm through the Nether Gate (-24, 18).

Alternate Costumes Locations:
Search the following coordinates to find the corresponding costume. Some of these costumes will need to be purchased with Koins when found.

Cassie Cage (Endurance)
Coordinates: -1, 10 (1st Krypt area).

D'Vorah (Kytinn Queen)
Coordinates: -7, 12 (Chamber of Bones).
Cost: 1,240

Ermac (Tournament)
Coordinates: -21, 9 (Cemetery Grounds).

Erron Black (Outcast)
Coordinates: -2, 9 (Frozen Graves).
Cost: 1,220

Ferra/Torr (Master and Servant)
Coordinates: 6, 8 (Shadow Spider Kave).
Cost: 1,320 (Timed Chest).

Jacqui Briggs (Boot Camp)
Coordinates: -8, 8 (Garden of Despair).
Cost: 1,900

Jax (Tournament)
Coordinates: -19, 8 (Cemetery Grounds).

Johnny Cage (Tournament)
Coordinates: 1, 6 (Shao Kahn's Tomb).
Cost: 1,470

Kano (Tournament)
Coordinates: -15, 19 (Walkway of Souls).
Cost: 2,300

Kenshi (Tournament)
Coordinates: 6, 17 (Dark Pass).
Cost: 1,870

Kitana (Tournament)
Coordinates: 1, 6 (Frozen Graves).
Cost: 980

Kotal Khan (Osh-Tekk Warrior)
Coordinates: -8, 8 (Grotto of Gore).
Cost: 2,100

Kung Jin (Shadow)
Coordinates: -1, 4 (Gallery of Shadows).

Kung Lao (Tournament)
Coordinates: -3, 19 (Hollow Grounds).

Liu Kang (Tournament)
Coordinates: 1, 11 (Dark Pass).
Cost: 940

Mileena (Tournament)
Coordinates: -23, 10 (Cemetery Grounds).
Cost: 540 (Timed Chest).

'Quan Chi (Tournament)
Coordinates: -1, 8 (Frozen Graves).

Scorpion (Tournament)
Coordinates: 5, 28 (Spider Gem Hold).
Cost: 210 (Timed Chest).

Raiden (Dark Raiden)
Coordinates: -1, 14 (Dark Pass) (Video).
Cost: 10

Raiden (Tournament)
Coordinates: -17, 19 (Walkway of Souls).
Cost: 2,350

Reptile (Tournament)
Coordinates: 15, 16 (Kavern of Doom).
Cost: 470 (Timed Chest).

Coordinates: 0, 17 (Friggid Burrows).

Sub Zero (Kuai Liang)
Coordinates: 3, 3 (Lost Mausoleum).

Takeda (Shirai Ryu)
Coordinates: of Despair area (-5, 10).

Unlock Alternate Costumes:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding alternate costume will become unlocked.

Cassie Cage (Endurance):
Complete the Klassic tower as Cassie.

D'Vorah (Kytinn Queen):
Complete the Klassic Tower as D'Vorah.

Ermac (Tournament):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Ermac.

Erron Black (Outcast):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Erron Black.

Goro (Kintaro):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Goro under the hard difficulty with a 'Gold' rank.

Jacqui Briggs (Boot Camp):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Jacqui Briggs.

Jax (Farmer):
Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

Jax (Revenant):
Select 2-Player mode and Kustom Kombat. Play as Jax and select Danger Modifier (1% HP). Win 15 matches (30 rounds).

Jax (Tournament):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Jax.

Johnny Cage (Ninja Mime):
Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

Johnny Cage (Tournament):
Complete the Normal Tower.

Kano (Tournament):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Kano.

Kitana (Dark Empress):
Have the Brotherhood of Shadows reach level 35; alternately complete Premium Tower as Goro.

Kitana (Klassic):
Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

Kitana (Tournament):
Complete the Normal Tower.

Kotal Kahn (Osh-Tekk Warrior):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Kotal Kahn under the Normal difficulty.

Kung Jin (Shadow ):
Complete the Klassic tower.

Kung Lao (Revenant):
Win 30 matches in King Of The Hill.

Kung Lao (Tournament):
Complete the Medium Tower with Kung Lao.

Liu Kang (Dark Emperor):
Complete 8 Tower Challenges with the same character.

Liu Kang (Revenant):
Win 10 ranked matches in a row

Mileena (Kahnum):
Survive 20 rounds in the Endless Tower as Mileena.

Mileena (Klassic):
Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

Mileena (Tournament):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Mileena.

Raiden (Future):
Log on your WBPlay account.

Reptile (Tournament):
Complete the Klassic Tower as Reptile.

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi):
Complete Chapter 10 in Story mode.

Shinnok (Wrathful):
Complete the Classic Tower as Shinnok.

Sub Zero (Kuai Liang):
Complete Klassic Tower as Sub-Zero.

Sub Zero (Revenant):
Complete ALL 10 Test Your Might stages.

Takeda (Shirai Ryu):
Complete Klassic Tower as Takeda.

Unlock Stages:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding stage.

'Dead Woods' Stage in the Krypt's Cemetery Grounds Area:
Go to the Large Grave at coordinates -18, 9 and buy it for 1,120 Koins.

'Outworld Marketplace' Stage in the Krypt's Shadow Spider's Hive Area:
Go to the Glowing Ball at coordinates 7, 42 and buy it for 1,150 Koins.

'Kuantan Palace' Stage in the Krypt's Shao Khan's Tomb Area:
Go to the chest at coordinates 4, 8 and buy it for 1,240 Koins.

Fight as Shinnok:
When you complete Story mode Shinnock will become available as a playable character.

Character Fatalities:
Finish a victorious round by pressing the following combinations to perform the indicated fatalities for the corresponding character. Your releation to your opponent matters and is indicated in brackets.

Cassie Cage
Bubble Head (Mid) - Fwd, Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square
Selfie (Close) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle

Bug Me (Mid) - Bk, Fwd, Bk, X
Heart Broken (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle

Inner Workings (Mid) - Dn, Up, Bk, Square
Head Out (Mid) - Fwd, Dn, Dn, Up

Erron Black
Sandstorm (Mid) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Dn, Square
Six-Shooter (Far) - Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle

Ferra / Torr
Better Than One (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, X
Play Time (Mid) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Bk

Peek-A-Boo (Close) - Bck, Fwd, Dn, Circle
Shokan Amputation (Close) - Bck, Dn, Dn, Up

Jacqui Briggs
Blown Out (Close) - Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
Fist Pump (Close) - Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle

T-Wrecks (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Dn, Triangle
Jack the Ribber (Close) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Fwd

Johnny Cage
Here's Johnny (Close) - Bk, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Square
Little Improv (Mid) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Fwd

Head Case (Close) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, X
Knife toMeet You (Far) - Dn, Dn, Fwd, Square

Tele-Copter (Far) - Bk, Fwd, Bk, Bk
My Puppet (Far) - Fwd, Dn, Bk, Up

DarkFan-tasy (Mid) - Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
Splitting Hairs (Mid) - Bk, Fwd, Dn, Dn

Khotal Khan
Be Mine (Close) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square
Tight Squeeze (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Triangle

Kung Jin
Target Practice (Close) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Triangle
Pinned Down (Mid) - Fwd, Bk, Dn, Dn, Square

Kung Lao
Face Grind (Close) - Dn, Bk, Dn, Fwd, Circle
Flower Pot (Close) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Square

Liu Kang
Sore Throat (Close) - Dn, Dn, Fwd, Bk, Bk
Splitter (Close) - Bk, Fwd, Dn, Up

Face Feast (Close) - Dn, Bk, Dn, Bk, X
Tasty Treat (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Triangle

Quan Chi
Mid Game (Far) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, Circle
Both Ends (Close) - Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Triangle

Bug Eyes (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Square
Conducting Rod (Far) - Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Circle

Bad Breath (Far) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Fwd, Circle
Acid Bath (Close) - Dn, Dn, Bk, Fwd, Square

Stop Ahead (Mid) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Triangle
Who's Next? (Mid) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Up

The Grinder (Mid) - Dn, Bk, Fwd, Dn, Up
Flick Trick (Mid) - Dn, Up+R2, Dn, Up+R2

Sonya Blade
Target Marked (Close) - Dn, Dn, Bk, Fwd, R2
Head Hunter (Close) - Fwd, Bk, Dn, Bk, Triangle

Chest Kold (Close) - Bk, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Circle
Bed of Ice (Close) - Dn, Bk, Dn, Fwd, Circle

Whip It Good (Mid) - Dn, Fwd, Dn, Bk, Triangle
Head Cage (Mid) - Fwd, Bk, Dn, Dn, Square