Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL Mortal Kombat XL Mortal Kombat XL

Play With No Variation:
When selecting any character's variation, press Up, Up, and then Triangle. Then press X or Start. Note: If you enter this code you will have no exclusive moves from different variations.

Unlock Bonus Stages:
Go to the indicated location in the Krypt to purchase the corresponding stage for the indicated amount of koins:

'Dead Woods' Stage in the Krypt's Cemetery Grounds Area:
Go to the Large Grave at coordinates -18, 9, and purchase it for 1,120 koins.

'Kuantan Palace' Stage in the Krypt's Shao Khan's Tomb Area:
Go to the chest at coordinates 4, 8, and purchase it for 1,240 koins.

'Outworld Marketplace' Stage in the Krypt's Shadow Spider's Hive Area:
Go to the Glowing Ball at coordinates 7, 42, and purchase it for 1,150 koins.

Play as Shinnok:
When you have successfully completed Story mode you will unlock Shinnok as a playable character.

Play as Triborg (Cyber Sub-Zero Variation):
Choose Triborg at the 'Character' selection screen and then press Up(2), Triangle at the 'Variation' selection screen to play as the Cyber Sub-Zero variation (LK-520) of Triborg. Note: 3 question marks will appear on screen as confirmation of correct code entry.