Motorhead - Various Cheats


Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" as a code under the Options Menu. High Scores will not be recorded if any cheats are enabled:

Code Effect
SOFTHEAD Faster View
SUPERCAR Overhead View
COWRULES Division 2 Cars and Tracks
FRAGTIME Division 1 & 2 Cars and Tracks
TURBOMOS Nolby Hills Track Division 1 & 2 Cars and Tracks
LASTCODE All Cars and Tracks
INSANITY Alternate Demo
NOCHEATS Disable All Cheats

Alternate Credits

At the Credits screen hold L1 L2 R1 R2 Square Circle.

Bonus Credits Message

Enter SH4 as a h3 on the high score screen.

Tinted Mode

Locate the gas station in Gold Bridge and drive backwards around the pumps three times in twenty seconds.

Turbo Car

Find the dead end located at the start of the long straightaway within thirty seconds of starting at Red Rock. Drive backwards and exceed 20kph.

View Development Team

Locate the long hill prior to the movie theatre and disco in Neocity. Drive through the wall of the first house to the left.

Bouncing Cars

Locate the alley to the left of the road outside the Atlantika Central Station building. Drive from this point to the left corner on the right side of the building in less than twenty seconds.

JeepLike Cars

Stop next to the doors of The Black Lotus club for approximately fifteen seconds.

Alternate External View

Stop on the helibridge for approximately ten seconds.

Lunar Gravity

Drive into the left garage door with Digital Illusions signs in Nolby Hills over 75 kph.