MySims - Were to find people


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Were to find people:
Joe fishing - go into port area and go to the house on its own and you will find someone who says you should go fishing

Ewan camera around town and everywere but if u get up at the break of dawn he will be in his house

Olivia toys go into the toy ahop and go to the suit of armour and press A and she will come out.later in the game she will get stuck again and she will be under the table

Sophie furniture go into the forest area and go to the first house near the road and she will be there sleeping

Marie helping woodlands and paragliding go to the highlands and go to the house at the top of the map she will be there

Elizabeth buy a house of her you need star level 3 or 4 to unlock the entertainment area and you cheer her up and she offers you a house a very big one for 10,000 simileons

Hawk and Emma casino you go to the entertainment area and go to the casino at NIGHT and them two will be there and you unlock to card games

Tracy paragliding and digging things up you need 4 star rating and you unlock the mountains and she asks you to go find some treasure for her and after some days she will open a paragliding so she can earn more money

Foster forest ranger and makes animal food you need 2-3 star rating at morning talk to helen and she will say there is a new ranger in the forest.

Tim raquetball you chase him at start of game then you talk to him later and he goes back to helen because she was worried the next day you then talk to him againat the raqueball court and he gives you a racket and then you can play raquetball

Helen mayor you meet her at start of game

Tyler tailor-clothes- he comes at start of game

Ashley flowers he comes at start of game

How to get better things in the shops:
When you have got the flower, toy and clothes shop you get as much money as you can then go into every shop and buy EVERYTHING and the next day or a couple of days they will get new supplies also works with the furniture and bakery.

How to get star points easier:
When you a get a certain star level you open a bakery you then kepp buying a few cakes from him everyday and one day he wil tell you he will tell you gossip if u buy cakes and if you keep buyin cakes he will keep telling you that people are doing things that can help get your star level up.

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