NBA - Trading Hint

NBA - Trading Hint
Trading Hint:
When in a tournament or franchise, do not trade in that trade in the home screen. The teams will not take your players, but in the home screen they will take anything.

Easy backcourt violations:
After you have scored, stand in front of the man holding the ball and he will not move, or move very slowly. Keep standing in front of him and move along with him to make the other team get a backcourt violation.

Recommended teams:

Use the following players:

Baron Davis
Paul Pierce
S. O'neal
Eddy Curry
Sam Cassel
M. Finely
R. Hamilton
R. Lewis
D. Nowitzki
Troy Murphy

Use the following players:

Paul Pierce Celtics
Stephon Marbury Knicks
Vince Carter Nets
Allen Iverson 76ers
Tracy McGrady Rockets
S.O'Neal Heat
Yao Rockets
Gary Payton Celtics
Tim Duncan Spurs
Kevin Garnett Timberwolves
Jason Richardson Warriors
Baron Davis Warriors; See Note

Note: In NBA he is on the Hornets.