NBA Live 2000 - Unlock Michael Jordan

NBA Live 2000 - Unlock Michael Jordan

Unlock Michael Jordan

In Superstar Mode defeat Michael Jordan one on one.

Unlock Isaiah Thomas

In Superstar Mode get 15 steals in a game.

Unlock Richard Guerin

In Rookie Mode defeat the 3point shootout.

Legend Players

At the Game Setup press Circle to display the quick menu. Highlight the player icon and press Right X to select Create Player. Enter any of the following first and last "Names" and press X to accept. If done correctly a message will appear. Press Start to return to the Game Setup screen. Press Circle to display the quick menu. Highlight the star icon and press X to display the Unlcok Legends screen. Highlight a Legend player that has been unlocked and press X to add him to the free agents pool:3

Name Legend
Whiz Kid Andrew Phillip 50's
Charity Stripe Bill Sharman 50's
BBalls Cooz Bob Cousy 50's
Crash Boards Bob Pettit 50's
Hard Wood Carlo Braun 50's
Hook Shot Cliff Hagen 50's
Set Shot Dolph Schayes 50's
Yard Bird George Yardley 50's
Iron Horse Harry Gallatin 50's
Cross Over Larry Costello 50's
Pitchin' Philli Paul Arizin 50's
Play Maker Richard Guerin 50's
All Defensive Bill Russell 60's
Offensive Force Elgin Baylor 60's
Jump Shot Hal Greer 60's
Lucas Layup Jerry Lucas 60's
The Mr. Clutch Jerry West 60's
Player Coach Lenny Wilkins 60's
Bucks Big O Oscar Robertson 60's
Bank Shot Sam Jones 60's
Flat Shot Tommy Heinsohn 60's
No Comment Walt Bellamy 60's