NHL 2001 - Bragging Rights

NHL 2001 - Bragging Rights NHL 2001 - Bragging Rights NHL 2001 - Bragging Rights NHL 2001 - Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights

After each goal, and/or Win press and hold Triangle for a little extra sounds that mocks the opponent's team.

Super Players

Put in these names in the create a player and answer yews to use their stats. For defense use the names Chris Pronger or Sandis Ozolinsh. For Goalie use Ed Belfour or Patrick Roy or Dominik Hasek. For Forwards use Jaromir Jagr or Peter Forsberg.

More Super Players

At the create a player sceen type in Pavel Burehe's at 85 for speed and Eric Lindros for a forward.he's at 90 .

Get a 2min roughing penalty while the other fighter gets 5min penalty

When you are in the fight do not punch the other guy just let him beat you up. You will get a 2 minute penalty while the other guy gets a 5 minute penalty.

Easy Scoring

To get easy goals in NHL 2001, simply put the game difficulty to beginner or rookie. Put your shot on manual and once your in the game, shoot from center ice by pressing up and square, the goalie will not be able to save it and you will be put up on the score board. note you can perform this numerous times

Mega Boost

First go into quick game, but u have to pick the Dallas Stars as your team to do this cheat code. When you are on the ice skating towards your opponents net keep hitting the square bottom as fast as you can then the player will go five times the speed as a normal player.

This code won me every game I played with the super boost

"The Dude" Mode

Go to create a player mode and enter the player's name as "Bruce Willis" and the commentator will call him "The Dude" during a game.

Better Stats for CreateAPlayer

Create a new player and name him one of the following:

Chris Pronger
Sandis Ozolinsh
Ed Belfour
Patrick Roy
Dominik Hasek
Jaromir Jagr
Peter Forsberg

Play as The Hammer

Create a new player and h3 him 'Hammer'.

Play as Animal

Create a new player and h3 him 'Animal'.

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