Peggle Deluxe

Peggle Deluxe


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Game Cheats:

Unlock Multiplayer Levels:
Complete a level in Single-Player mode to unlock the same level in Multiplayer mode.

Unlock Bonuses:
When you complete the indicated level the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.

Jimmy Lightning:
Complete Stage 1.

Complete Stage 1.

Kat Tut:
Complete Stage 2.

Complete Stage 2.

Space Blast:
Complete Stage 3.

Splork Sporkan:
Complete Stage 3.

Claude Lobster:
Complete Stage 4.

Complete Stage 4.

Renfield Pumpkin:
Complete Stage 5.

Spooky Ball:
Complete Stage 5.

Flower Power:
Complete Stage 6.

Tula Sunflower:
Complete Stage 6.

Extreme Fever Zoom Camera:
During gameplay type the case sensitive code 'zoom' to enable this effect. To disable the effect enter the code again
Black Background:
Enter either 'shanon' or 'zhanon' as case sensitive codes any time during gameplay. To disable the effect just type the code again.

Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding rank. When you earn a rank you will get a trophy indicating the achievement on the 'Main' menu.

Master of Peggle:
Complete Adventure mode.

Ultimate Master of Peggle:
Complete ALL Challenges.

Extreme Ultimate Master of Peggle:
On every level screen complete ALL the Challenges and get 100% completion (clear ALL pegs).
Unlock Challenge Mode:
This mode which features levels that are more difficult than Normal play becomes available when you have beaten ALL 55 levels of Adventure mode.

Permanent Flippers:
Enter the case sensitive code 'kathy' any time during gameplay in Quick Play mode to have permanent Flippers. To disable the effect just type the code again.

Before you take a shot and you right-click timen speeds up so your shot is better. If you type 'scott' (without the quotes) during gameplay you will be able to progress through the game faster by fast-forwarding through all the shots you taking up less game time.

Magic Hat:
Before taking a shot type in "steve" without the quotations and you will have unlimited Magic Hat during that level.

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