Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


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Memories of Azad
Objective: Reach the thick of the battle.

A Warm Welcome
Objective: Catch up to Malik.

Power Boost
Objective: Find and break a sarcophagus.

Anger Management
Objective: Break 100 vases and sarcophagi.

Sand Nemesis
Objective: Kill 50 enemes in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time.

And King of Blades
Objective: Kill 500 enemies with the sword.

Objective: Jump on enemies 30 times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time.

Like Dominoes
Objective: Knock down 5 enemies with one kick.

Floors are for losers
Objective: Wall run for a total of 1/2 mile (805 meters).

Death from Above
Objective: Finish off 10 enemies in a row using only the Aerial Slash.

And stay down!
Objective: Use the finishing lunge 20 times.

Air Time
Objective: Perform 20 Aerial Slash attacks.

David and Goliath
Objective: Finish 5 titans with the Aerial Slash.

Attack from all angles
Objective: Knock down 15 enemies using the aerial kick.

Swift as the Wind
Objective: Defeat 30 enemies using the Power of Flight.

Big Finish
Objective: Defeat an enemy by doing a power attack in the fifth ht in a combo.

Ding! Level Up!
Objective: Purchase your first upgrade.

Close Call
Objective: Save the Prince's life by using the Power of Time.

Not how it Happened
Objective: Use the Power of Time 20 times.

Prince of Fire
Objective: Defeat 50 enemies using the Flame Trail.

Prince of Earth
Objective: Defeat 50 enemies using the Stone Armor.

Prince of Water
Objective: Defeat 50 enemies using the Ice Blast.

Prince of Wind
Objective: Defeat 50 enemies using the Whirlwind.


Solomon's Army
Objective: Release Solomon's Army.

Just us and them
Objective: Close the fortress gates.

Eye of hte Storm
Objective: Reach the final fight.

Prince of Tides
Objective: Complete the Enemy Tides Challenge.

Stay Dry
Objective: Move on solidified water for 1 minute without using the Power of Time.

Objective: Defeat Ratash in the Throne Room without taking any damage.

Objective: Finish the final battle against Ratash without taking any damage.

This is Persia!
Objective: Kick 20 enemies off of ledges.

Elemental Control
Objective: Upgrade one power to level 4.


Not what it looks like
Objective: Defeat Ratash.

Got Walkthrough?
Objective: Find and break every sarcophagus.

Objective: Purchase every item in the upgrade menu.


Sand Master
Objective: Unlock all other trophies.

Secret Trophies

Welcome to Rekem
Objective: Arrived in Razia's city.

Power of the Djinn
Objective: Razia becomes part of sword.

Our Little Secret
Objective: Don't worry. We won't tell if you don't.

No longer human
Objective: Suffered defeat at Malik's hands.

End of the Army
Objective: Complete the game

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