Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes

New Game+ mode:
Successfully complete the story and defeat the final boss. Once the final boss is defeated, return to Ward 13 and activate the Red Stone. You will then have the option to increase the difficulty and Reroll at this location. Rerolling will reset the world and make it much more difficult. Elite enemies are much more likely to spawn, regular enemies will be more difficult, and Lumenite Crystals will drop more commonly. Lumenite Crystals are special rare items that you can use to craft/upgrade Boss weapons. Boss weapons are special weapons that drop from bosses, and can be acquired by defeating bosses using alternate methods. Lumenite Crystals can also upgrade your Dragon Heart charges. You can get an unlimited number of charges by replaying New Game+ and collecting Simulacrum and Lumenite Crystals.

Hidden SMG and XP bonus trait:
To find the secret SMG weapon and Elder Knowledge trait, which gives a bonus to XP earned, find all the hidden areas around Ward 13. This can be done at the start of the game. After your first teleport, a keycard will appear on a nearby table. Grab it to access multiple rooms. Go down to Floor B2, and use the keycard to unlock the door. Grab the Tome Of Knowledge on the table. Go down the hallway. Use the Tape Recorder through the second door to get the Elder Knowledge trait. The Fuse is located through the third door. Go down to Floor B3, and use the fuse on the fusebox. Follow the hall, and unlock the door ahead with the keycard. Go left and reach the red door to find another Tome Of Knowledge. Shut off the fusebox, and return to the central hub room. The large fan will now be off. Jump through the fan and collect the Ward 13 Master Key. Go back to Floor B2, and take a right down the hallway. Proceed until you reach a red room —- take the stairs up to a locked door. Use the Master Key to unlock it and find the SMG inside.

Hidden amulet:
Go to the first Sewers dungeon, one of the randomly-generated dungeons on Earth, located before the first boss. At the end of the dungeon, you may find a message written in white paint on one of the walls —- "Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass." This is a reference to the Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade movie. This is the first trial Indiana Jones must face in the Grail Temple at the end of the movie. To solve the trap, simply crouch to make an illusory wall disappear. Crawl under to find the rare "Leto's Amulet" item. Equip it to lower your Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina Cost by 10%.

Secret Void armor:
Reach Rhom and explore until you locate the Monolyth building. Check the walls behind the building entrance to find a series of 10 symbols —- there are five different symbols marked in chalk. This will be your solution to the randomly generated Monolyth puzzle. It is recommended to take a picture so you remember the solution. The first 9 symbols marked on the wall each match a direction. The 10th final symbol is the last spot you need to stand on. Enter the Monolyth and look on the stone in the center. This stone will show you which direction each symbol is pointing. Follow the directions and step on all 10 symbols. When the floor panels sink and you get all 10 panels correct, the trap will be disabled and the center stone will lower. Go down below and follow the path to a kiosk where you can purchase the Void armor for 500 (Helmet), 1,250 (Armor), and 750 (Boots). The Void armor is a special heavy armor set that gives you a damage buff every time you take damage. With all three pieces equipped, you will get a +12% damage buff for 13 seconds, and it can stack up to three times.

Bonus weapons and crafting materials:
Defeat the indicated boss using the listed alternate method to unlock the corresponding special weapon and crafting material.

Earth Bosses:
Alternate Method: Completely shatter the leg.
Bonus Drop: Twisted Heart, Petrified Maul
Alternate Method: Destroy the tail before defeating the boss.
Bonus Drop: Dragon Links, Smolder
Maul (The Pack)
Alternate Method: Shoot the NPC in the head to cause the boss to also attack the NPC.
Bonus Drop: Control Rod

Rhom Bosse:
Alternate Method: Wait to defeat the boss until it has absorbed the extra enemies during the phase were the arena is lifted up and spins.
Bonus Drop: Stone Of The Guardian, World Breaker
Alternate Method: Deal a quarter damage to the boss's legs within 50 seconds to stagger him. While he is staggered, interact with his back to pull a spear.
Bonus Drop: The Lost Harpoon
Undying King
Alternate Method: Before the fight, refuse to give him the Heart (or give the Heart to the Elf Queen), then fight the Undying King.
Bonus Drop: Ruin Rifle, Kingslayer (Trait)

Crossus Bosse:
Alternate Method: Kill both bosses at close to the same time -- so that one cannot enrage the other.
Bonus Drop: Guardian Tentacle, Guardian Axe

Yaesha Bosses:
Totem Father
Alternate Method: When you spawn into the boss area, look for a Totem. If it is glowing blue, you will get materials for a gun at the end of the fight. If it is glowing red, you will get materials for a spear at the end of the fight.
Bonus Drop: Totem Antler, Eye Of The Storm / Tempest Heartstring, Voice Of The Tempest
The Ravager
Alternate Method: Before the boss attacks, play the Lullaby. You can now interact with the boss before the fight.
Bonus Drop: Stalker's Claw, Scar Of The Jungle

Bonus traits:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trait. Traits level up and give your character greater bonuses. Almost all of them are useful, even into the end-game.
Arcane Strike (+Melee Mod Power): Defeat Totem Father or Ravager.
Bark Skin (+Armor): Talk to the Twisted Tree (Earth) with the Twisted Mask equipped.
Catalyst (+Proc Chance): Defeat Thrall or Canker.
Cold As Ice (+Back Attack Damage): Meet Brabus with another player in your team. Brabus will ask you to kill your friends. Do it to get this trait.
Elder Knowledge: Find the Tape Recorder located beneath Ward 13.
Executioner (+Crit Chance Bonus): Defeat IXILLUS on Crosus.
Exploiter (+Weak Point Damage): Kill 150 enemies with weak point damage.
Glutton (+Consumable Use Speed): Defeat the Unclean One.
Guardian's Blessing (+Reduced Melee Damage): Unlock the dungeon with the Curio lock, and then weaken the boss to 50% HP. When he retreats, stay and kill the Root.
Handling (+Gun Spread and Recoil Decrease): Obtain 10 ranged weapons.
Keeper's Blessing (+Elemental Resistance): Enter the Labyrinth.
Kingslayer (+Critical Damage): Defeat the Undying King.
Mind's Eye (+Ranged Damage Bonus): Defeat the Dreamer/Nightmare.
Mother's Blessing (+Ranged Damage Defense): Free the Root Mother.
Quick Hands (+Weapon Reload Speed): Defeat Ent or Singe.
Rapid Strike (+Melee Attack Speed): Upgrade any non-boss melee weapon to +20.
Recovery (+Stamina Regen): Defeat Claviger on Rhom.
Revivalist (+Revive Speed): Revive your allies a certain number of times (number unknown).
Scavenger (+Scrap Boost): Give the vendor Reggie the Tarnished Ring, or sell an unknown number of consumables.
Shadow Walker (+Enemy Awareness): Unlock the safehouse in a random Earth Dungeon.
Sleight of Hand (+Weapon Swap Speed): Kill 100 enemies with 10 different guns, for a total of 1,000 kills.
Spirit (+Mod Generation): Unlock a monkey key door in a random Earth Dungeon.
Suspicion (+Friendly Fire Defense): Get knocked down and revived by your teammates 10 times.
Swiftness (+Movement Speed): Play the "Guardian Song" at any bell in Yaesha. Skip the second line.
Teamwork (+Teamwork Range): Join a multiplayer session.
Triage (+Health Regen Effectiveness): On Yaesha, encounter the story events where two tribes of Pan attack. Survive and talk to the NPC after the attack.
Trigger Happy (+Fire Rate Increase): Upgrade any non-boss ranged weapon to +20.
Warrior (+Increase Melee Damage): Complete the random dungeon where you must defend the Liz Twins.
Will To Live (+Wounded Health Increase): Get knocked down and revived in multiplayer a certain numbers of times (number unknown).
World Walker (+Stamina Cost Decrease): Enter Rhom.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
Not So Special (50 points): Defeat 100 special enemies.
First...But Not The Last! (10 points): Acquire first trait.
Good Start (20 points): Acquire 10 traits.
That's a Lot of Traits! (20 points): Acquire 20 traits.
Equipment Collector (10 points): Acquire 5 armor sets.
Equipment Enthusiast (30 points): Acquire 10 armor sets.
Hard Choices (10 points): Upgrade first weapon.
Halfway There (20 points): Upgrade any weapon to +10.
Push It to the Limit (40 points): Upgrade any weapon to +20.
Mod Collector (10 points): Acquire 5 weapon mods.
Mod Enthusiast (30 points): Acquire 15 weapon mods.
Trait Dabbler (20 points): Upgrade any trait to 10.
Trait Focus (30 points): Upgrade any trait to 20.
One Person's Scrap... (10 points): Acquire 50,000 scrap.
Scrap Harvester (20 points): Acquire 100,000 scrap.
Scrap Collector (40 points): Acquire 200,000 scrap.
Ready For Action (30 points): Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss.
Like a Boss (50 points): Upgrade a boss weapon to +5.
This Watch... (20 points): Acquire Mudtooth's pocket watch.
Heart of a Dragon (20 points): Upgrade Dragon Heart.
Unleash Your Potential (40 points): Acquire 30 traits.
Fade to White (20 points): Activate the Ward 13 World Stone.

Additionally, there are 18 secret achievements:
Fire in the Sky (30 points): Defeat Singe.
The Bigger They Are... (30 points): Defeat the Ent.
Watch the Totems! (30 points): Defeat the Totem Father.
Wolf of the Woods (30 points): Defeat the Pan Wolf.
Undying, Eh? (30 points): Defeat the Undying King.
The Keymaster (30 points): Defeat the Claviger.
Butterfly Effect (30 points): Defeat Ixillis XV.
Dark Awakening (50 points): Defeat the Dreamer.
Untouchable (20 points): Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage.
Shot Through the Heart (10 points): Return the Swamp Guardian's heart to the Undying King.
Not So Lucky (20 points): Return coin to Ace.
Precious (20 points): Return ring to Reggie.
Are You Ok? (20 points): Meet the Root Mother.
What is the Labyrinth? (20 points): Meet the Labyrinth Keeper.
Death Warmed Over (20 points): Meet the Undying King.
Like a Moth to a Flame (20 points): Meet the Swamp Queen.
Changing of the Guard (20 points): Meet the Pan Rebel Leader.
The Founder (20 points): Meet Andrew Ford.