Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Easy That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball Trophy:
To get this Trophy you must Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it. This can be done on the Pursue Eveline mission onboard the Old Ship when you meet Eveline and she wants to watch a videotape. It is while watching the videotape that you will find Remote Bombs for the first time. Note: Press R2 to stick an equipped bomb in the enemy's mouth.

Checkpoint Save:
When you press 'Retry' after death the game will not reset the time on a checkpoint restart. A way around this is to create a manual save game at cassette recorders so if things go wrong you can quit out to the 'Main' menu by pausing the game and pressing 'End' and then click 'Load Game' and select a manual save.

ALL Collectible Locations:
On Easy/Normal mode there are in total 74 Collectable Locations, this consists of 32 Files, 18 Antique Coins, 20 Mr. Everywheres, 4 Videotapes. Finding ALL of these collectables will unlock the following Trophies:

'Be Kind, Please Rewind' Trophy

'Pelicans in Your Pocket' Trophy

'The Devil Is in the Details' Trophy

'He’s Here, There, Everywhere!' Trophy

'Mr. Nowhere' Trophy

Note: The 33 Antique Coins on Madhouse difficulty are in different locations from the lower difficulties. There is an additional Trophy called 'Mad Pelicans' for finding ALL of them.

Unlock Alternate Endings:
There are two different endings in game and both need to be unlocked for the 'End of Night' and 'Just A Memory Now' trophies. When you have defeated the huge mutant boss you will need to make a choice on whether to cure Mia or Zoe as there is only enough serum to cure one of them. Curing Mia gives you Ending #1 (Good) and curing Zoe gives Ending #2 (Bad).

Easy Can't Catch Me Trophy:
To get this trophy you must complete the 'Mia' videotape without being spotted by Marguerite in the 'Get out of the house' mission. Note: If you are seen just wait for Marguerite to grab you as this results in a checkpoint restart and does not count as being seen.