RollerCoaster Tycoon - Strategy Guide v67


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Strategy Guide v6.7

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by Dan Simpson

Various Guest Names

Reh3 any guest to one of the following "Names":

Name Effect
Chris Sawyer Takes Pictures of Rides
Simon Foster Paints Pictures of Rides
Melanie Warn Increase Guests Happiness
Katie Brayshaw Waving Guests
John Wardley Constantly Thinks Wow
John Mace Pays Double Prices on Rides
Damon Hill Drives GoKarts Twice as Fast
BigBucks Unlimited Cash
Tony Day Eats Lots of Hamburgers
Michael Schumacher Rides Four Times as Fast
Richard Tan Pickpocket Guest
John Bibrough Raise park rating press L press F a couple times for it to finally go up
mr bean Drives GoKarts Extra Slow

Submitted in part by Chappy210 Peter The Great

Hire Einstein

Rename Guest 1 to EMC2 and Guest 2 to EMC3. They will meet and begin brainstorming. Shortly thereafter they will ask you to hire them as your park's research developers. Say Yes and pour your resources into the think tank. Now wait a year.

Retain Ride Popularity

Close down the ride and replace a piece of track with the same piece.

Cut Grass for Free

Instead of having your handymen mow the lawn select the landscaping tool. Maximize the area surrounding plus not minus select the area you wish to cut and click. Do not hold and move just click.
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Get a million

Leave the park closed for a year.
Submitted by Leontine

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