San Francisco Rush - Alternate Color


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Alternate Color

Press Square at the Car Select screen.

Bonus Cars

Muscle CarFind 4 keys in any track.Hot RodFind 8 more keys in the other tracks.City BusFind all 16 keys.Police CarFinish 1 player GP Mode.Taxi CabFinish 1 player Circuit Mode.

Secret Cars

UFOAt the Car Select screen after choosing a track hold L1 L2 R1 R2 then press X to choose a car. Continue to hold those buttons on the transmission screen and release after pressing X. Now quickly hold Triangle until the race begins.Mini TruckChoose your car hold L1 then press X to select it. Continue to hold L1 until the race begins.British MiniChoose your car hold R1 then select your car. Continue to hold it until the race begins.

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