Scooby Doo: Night Of 100 Frights - Unlock Movies


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Unlock Movies

Pause the game and HOLD all shoulder buttons and press quickly: Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Square

Unlock Credits

Pause the game and HOLD all shoulder buttons and press quickly: Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Square

Get All Power Ups

Pause the game and HOLD all shoulder buttons and press quickly: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle

Holiday bonuses

Change the PlayStation 2 system date to one of the following entries to see special things at the front yard and the mystic playground:

January 1: Different fireworks.
July 4: Fireworks and other things.
October 31: Giant bats over door for decoration.
December 25: Snow.


Double-Jump Spring: Press X2 while jumping.
Football Helmet: Hold Square.
Bunny Slippers and Lampshade: Press R2.
Walk with Bunny Slippers: Hold R2 and walk in any direction.

How to beat the Black Night

There is 4 switches when the Black Night is above one head smash it with square. It will shock him on every switch and he's doggone.You must have the Football Helmet to do this

Bosses 1 & 2

Boss 1:
The first boss you should encounter is a fairly large Creeper.Since he can't be hurt you have to avoid him on the slippery floor and grab the 5 keys that are floating around[Don't worry.You can just jump to get them].After geting all of them,head over to the end of the room and get out of there.[P.S. If you come back there the door will still be open and a 2 hit Creeper will be there to].

Boss 2:
Once you get passed the 1st boss & more than a bunch levels you will finally get to the top of Mystic Manor. After seeing the cut scene with the Mastermind[the prime suspect of the game],he will disappear and then the Black Night will be on the balcony that Velma's on,but she's in a cage.When this battle begins, the Black Night will start throwing axes at you.Do your best to avoid them.If you get down to 3,2,or 1 lives there are 3 sandwichs lying around.Use them wisely.And speaking of witchs there's one flying around.Since you don't have the thunder smash[unless you put the All Wepons gameshark code on]avoid her.Well anyway,when the Black Night walks past one of the 5 red swiches press the sqare button to take out your helmet and then charge at the switch.With luck the Black Night will get shocked and now that switch will be busted. Get the Black Night shocked with all the switches and now you have defeated him. Now jump up to the broken fence and get up to the balcony.Go to the end and then a cut scene will happen showing Scooby going on top of Velma's cage and letting her out. After watching Scooby finding Velma's glasses you'll then get the goulashes that let you get in the Cannery.

Get the Football Helmet

To get the Football helmet go to the top of Haunted Hill

location of the springs

It's located on pier on the pier part 2
Get to creepy crawlies in the hallways
First go to smugglers cove then go to shock on the dock part II. There is a pile of planks near the warp gate. Do a thunder smash on it and then you will get to creepy crawlies in the hallways.

Tips for beginners

Beginners, when you get to the place where there are 4 floors, the bottom one topples, so if you don't want the caveman to get out of the ice, simply go through the floorboard PAST the ice block and let it slide you down. this skips the fact that you will get pummeled by the caveman's club. pretty clever, huh? Also, some big enemies are able for you to head butt them run at them this will make them dizzy for a while but can get back to normal. But the zombies in the hedge maze, unable to head butt. sorry :

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Courage 0EA8CCE6 BCD99B83
Infinite Gum CEA8C13E BCA99B88
Infninite Soap CEA8C13A BCA99B88
Max Scooby Snacks DEA8C12A BCAA2122
Have All Monster Tokens DEA8C132 BCC89A82
Have All Power-Ups CEA8C136 BCA99A82
Have Map CEA97C56 BCA99B84

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