Sheep Raider Sheep Dog & Wolf - Finish level


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Finish level

Go into the level you can't finish and press up, square, triangle, square, triangle, circle, up

you will get the sheep but not the clock bonus point

how to ride on a squid board

To ride on a squid boardskateboardpress startIn any leveland then press X,X,O,R1,L1,R1,L2.And HEY PRESTOYou got a funky squid board.

Hidden Autumn Level

Go to the Autumn hallway. Then, look for the black wall and double jump through the wall. Then follow the hallway to the hidden level.

Play As Sam

Go to the sheep pen in the starting studio where the sheep go after a levelThen hold R2 AND L2 then press down,circle,left,square,up,square,left

Hidden Spring Level

To gain access to hidden spring level. You must go to a corridor where you will find a level that a bull sleeps beside the goul BUT DO NOT ENTER IT. you should jump in the black shadow that's located at the right side of the level. You will then end up in a long corridor that you should keep going until you find hidden spring level.

Hidden Past Present Level

To gain access to hidden past present level. You must go to the level that you select a clock from your inventory to go to the past. Enter that level from the other side then you will find your self in a bonus level and its B2 bonus level two.

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