Shenmue 2 - Shenmue Side Story

Shenmue 2 - Shenmue Side Story
Shenmue Side Story:
If you choose the Shots-viewer from the main screen, you can sort your photos by category, one of which is called Secret. Once you complete a page of this category, you will unlock a comic book Shenmue Side Story which is selectable by picking the gift box in the corner.

100 Missiles In Afterburner:
When playing Afterburner, get to the third level and press LeftX. You missile count will go up to 100.

Bad Ending:
Like Shenmue, Shenmue II has a bad ending if you take too long to beat the game. To see it in this game you need to play until June 31, 1987 in the game and then it will happen when Ryo goes to bed. The quickest way to do this if you want to see it is to play until the Zhangyu Barber's QTE and keep failing it. That way you can get to that date quickly. I won't spoil the bad ending for you but it's pretty cool to watch.

Duck Race Event:
When you're chasing Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery miss the QTE so that you crash into the girl carrying the tray. When you have your bag and have been to the Come Over Guest House get some money doesn't matter how and go to the Lai Lai Eatery. Talk to the older lady owner, then talk to the waitress whose tray you knocked over. Choose the option to compensate her and she'll give you the bronze medal.

Now go to the Pine Game Arcade in Golden Qr and go up to the third floor. Beat Eileen in a fight and then beat Izumi. When you manage to beat them you'll get the silver medal.

Go to the Tomato Mart in Golden Qr and talk to Izumi and she'll take you to a duck race. If you win go to the part where you catch the leaves with Xiuying. After a couple of leaves you should see a feather floating down which you need to catch. When you've done this you'll get the option to catch a duck. Do it and go back to the Tomato Mart and enter the race. Keep racing it to improve it's stats and when you win you'll get the gold medal.

Easy 500 bucks:
Before you go to Beverly Hills Wharf,get 50 bucks.Then after you talk to cool z. Go to the crate carring job and make another 50 then after your done the guy that carrys crates with you will show you a move called brawling uppercut. Then when you learn that move go to the place where the street fighter was in Beverly Hills Dwarf .Then all you have to do is brawling uppercut like three or four times to knock him out.

Easy Money:
To get money easily all you have to do is go behind warehouse 8 in the workers pier and play "lucky hit". Pick the second stand from the left. It should be a tiger with wings.

Money Save:
At the beginning you will lose all your money and believe me it's alot anyway go to the lighter stand by the big fountain and buy as many lighters as you can that way you can trade it in at a pawn shop and get back a good percentage of your money back.

Saturn Shenmue:
Beat the game and let the credits run. Save your game, and now select the new 'Classified Images' option. This will start FMV showing Shenmue as it was under development for the Sega Saturn.

Shenmue Manga:
Just go into your photo viewer on the main screen and press the X button to arange your photos. After about 3 button presses you will come to a page with hazy photos. These are people you need to take photos of during the game. Once you have filled a page, a gift icon will appear on the album. Highlight this and press A and you will be able to see Shenmue manga. Each page filled gives you another chapter.