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Cheat codes:

1-2 - Ship, Skull, Fish, Anchor, Ship, Anchor
1-3 - Ship, Anchor, Skull, Ship, Anchor, Fish
1-4 - Skull, Ship, Fish, Anchor, Anchor, Ship
2-1 - Fish, Fish, Anchor, Ship, Skull, Anchor
2-2 - Skull, Anchor, Anchor, Fish, Anchor, Ship
2-3 - Fish, Anchor, Ship, Ship, Ship, Skull
2-4 - Anchor, Fish, Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish
3-1 - Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish, Anchor, Skull
3-2 - Fish, Skull, Anchor, Fish, Skull, Fish
3-3 - Fish, Fish, Ship, Skull, Fish, Ship
3-4 - Ship, Anchor, Ship, Fish, Anchor, Fish
4-1 - Skull, Skull, Anchor, Ship, Fish, Fish
4-2 - Ship, Anchor, Skull, Fish, Fish, Anchor
4-3 - Skull, Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish, Ship
4-4 - Ship, Fish, Ship, Fish, Ship, Anchor
5-1 - Anchor, Ship, Fish, Skull, Fish, Ship
5-2 - Fish, Ship, Anchor, Skull, Ship, Fish
5-3 - Ship, Fish, Skull, Anchor, Anchor, Skull
5-4 - Skull, Ship, Anchor, Fish, Ship, Skull


Tip 1:
Secret caves are often hidden behind rocks. Look for cave-shaped outlines
in a wall and blast them to find the secrets.

Tip 2:
Use waterfalls to put out fires on your ship.

Tip 3:
The map is useful for showing unreachable areas. Once you see them, look
for the secret passage that gets you there.

Tip 4:
Bump into every waterfall you see. Many of them
take you to a secret room.

Tip 5:
Try to shoot enemy ships as they first come toward you. That way they can't
turn their broadsides toward you and return fire. The behind-the-boat view
is good for spotting and killing ships coming toward you.

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