The Shoot

The Shoot


Best Actor - Horror (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Gold in Haunted House Party

Best Actor - Film Noir (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Gold in The Mob

Best Actor - Fantasy (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Gold in Deep Perils

Best Actor - Science Fiction (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Gold in Robotomus Crime

Best Actor - Western (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Gold in Outlawed

Man With a Name (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Outlawed

Acting Scary (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Haunted House Party

The Bends (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Deep Perils

Masked Gangstar (Bronze)
Objective: Complete The Mob

Robotic Acting (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Robotomus Crime

On the way... (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve 1% of Stars

On the up (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve 25% of Stars

Home Run (Bronze)
Objective: Score 5 home runs in a single round of Deep Strike

What a Sharpshooter! (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot 6 bullseyes with 6 bullets in Ricochet Hotshot

99 Green Balloons (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot down 99 war-balloons in City Siege

Jive Turkey (Bronze)
Objective: Get 3 strikes in a row in Graveyard Alley

2 Skeletons, 1 Ball (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 2 skeletons with 1 ball in Graveyard Alley

Getting a Foot in the Door (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Studio 101

Buddy Movie (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 4 scenes of any movie in 2 player Score Attack

Dead Eye (Bronze)
Objective: Reach a multiplier of 99

iBot (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot every spy-bot and eye-bot in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime

Stand Your Ground (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot all rockets fired at you on the subway roof in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime

Worst. Date. Ever. (Bronze)
Objective: In a single play through, shoot the Prom Queen in each scene of Haunted House Party

Everyone's Got a Price (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot 5 bags of cash in scene 2 of Outlawed

Just Rewards (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot all targets during the credits

Gloves of Steel (Bronze)
Objective: Punch 20 targets

Unmasked (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve 10 headshots in The Mob

Blow-out! (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot 5 car tyres in The Mob

Treasure Hunter (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot 30 treasure chests in Deep Perils

Jelly Shot (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot 5 Jellyfish in Deep Perils

In the Big League (Silver)
Objective: Achieve 50% of stars

Spinball Wizard (Silver)
Objective: Reach round 30 in Robotsphere

City Saviour (Silver)
Objective: Score over 50,000 points in City Siege

Off the Cutting Room Floor (Silver)
Objective: Find and complete all deleted scenes in every movie

Experimental Shooter! (Silver)
Objective: Find all Show Stoppers

The Natural (Gold)
Objective: Achieve Gold in all Movies

Hill King (Gold)
Objective: Achieve 100% of Stars

Screen Sensation (Gold)
Objective: Become a Screen Legend

Platinum With a Bullet! (Platinum)
Objective: All Trophies Unlocked!