SimCopter - Various Cheats

SimCopter - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

During gameplay type Ctrl Alt X to bring up the Cheat Code entry box. Now enter any of the following casesensitive "Codes":

Code Effect
Gas does grow on trees Unlimited Fuel
Shields up Invincibility
Warp me to career: x Level Select x 030
Been there done that Level Skip
The map please View Map Outside of Copter
A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush Use Megaphone Outside of Copter F6F10
Stop and ask for directions Save ASCII City Map in C:
Gort View Ending Sequence
Radioactivity Nuclear Explosion
PAMCAREYGOLDMAN Programmer's Wife Appears on Billboards and Movie Screens
Garbage in garbage out Makes All Garbage Buildings Available
There's no place like home Return to Hanger Without Chopper
I love my helicopter Return to Helicopter
Give me bucks or give me death: x Increase Money or Ends Game x 150000
Lights Camera Action Start DriveIn Movies
Make me big Large Helicopters
Out on a Sunday drive Camera Follows Car in City
I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas Copter Select. After entering press 19 copter will be outside
superpowermultiply Press Shift in Flight for Turbo Mode. Press Shift while walking to turn into a dog.

Fly Apache

Enter the Copter Select code above then press 1 through 9 in order. The Apache will be outside.

Easy Money

Enter the Copter Select code above then sell the copters. Repeat as much as desired.