Sims 2: Open For Business, The - Virtual Credit Card Money Cheat


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Virtual Credit Card / Money Cheat:
This cheat works similar to a credit card, funds are available to your Sims just after entering the code, and money they are paid is deducted to repay the debt.

From the Neighborhood view select a Household Lot or Family and name it. Press [CTRL] [SHIFT] [C] to go to the command line. let's assume your family name is nightlife, at the command line type familyfunds nightlife 100000, this will give the Sims 100,000 Simoleans. In the future, additional funds can be added in a similar fashion by typing familyfunds 5000, or familyfunds -5000 to repay.

Cheat Codes:
While playing, press [CTRL] [SHIFT] [C] to open up a console box. Then type any of the following codes.


addNeighborToFamilyCheat on/off Adds "add sim to family" to the Interaction Menu
forcetwins Force the Selected Pregnant Sim to Have Twins
setHour 0-23 Sets the Hour of the Day
agesimscheat on/off Adds "set age" to the Interaction Menu
aspirationLevel 0 - 5 Set Aspiration Level 0=Lowest
aspirationPoints Add of Aspiration Points
lockAspiration on/off Freeze Aspiration Point Decay
maxMotives Set All Needs to Full
motiveDecay on/off Turn Natural Need Decay On/Off
showHeadlines on/off Make Invisible Thought Bubbles
kaChing Increase Family Funds by 1,000
motherLode Increase Family Funds by 50,000
aging on/off Turn Aging On/Off

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