Sims - Career Track

Sims - Career Track

Submitted by Chris Pettican

Career Track

Submitted by Paul M. Holtman

Various Cheats

During gameplay press Ctrl Shift Alt C and enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
Repeat Last Cheat
; Seperate Multiple Cheat Commands
klapaucius 1000 Simoleons
rosebud 1000 Simoleons v1.1
histadd Add New Family History Stat to the Current Family
writedestlist Appends the Route Destination List to AllRoutes.txt Every Time a Route is Found
autolevel Architecture Tools Automatically Set the Level as Needed
file import FAM File Automatically Import and Load Indicated FAM
house house number Automatically Load Indicated House
preparelot Check and Fix Required Lot Objects
crash Crash Game
watertool Create Moat or Streams
shrinktext font size text Create shrunktext.bmp Files
editchar CreateaCharacter Mode
interests Display Personality and Interests
drawallframes off Draw All Animation Frames Disabled
drawallframes on Draw All Animation Frames Enabled
draworigins Draw Colored Dots at Each Person's Origin
coredump Dump Entire Memory to coredumpdate:time.txt
dumphappy Dump Selected Person's Most Recent List of Scored Interactions to a File
dumpmc Dump Selected Person's Motive Contribution Curve to a File
debugsocial Enable Debug Flag to Show Outcome Choice Dialogs for Social Interactions
simlog end End Sim Logging
cht fileh3 Execute "file.cht" file as a List of Cheats
drawfloorable off Floorable Grid Disabled
drawfloorable on Floorable Grid Enabled
assert Force an Assert for Testing
loganimations Log Animations in the Event Log Window
mapedit off Map Editor Disabled
mapedit on Map Editor Enabled
moveobjects Move Any Object
tutorial off No Tutorial Object Generation when Tutorial House is Loaded
browserfailsafe Prevent Web Browser Crashes
previewanims off Preview Animations Disabled
previewanims on Preview Animations Enabled
tileinfo Programmer Stats
quit Quit Game
import Read in Behavior Tuning Constants from Tuning.txt
rebuildcp Rebuilds Entire Control Panel/UCP from Scratch
refreashfaces Refresh the BMP Resources for All People whose IFF Files are Writable
refreashtextures Rematch Dependent Textures and Regenerate Bitmaps for All User Characters
restoretut Restore Tutorial
rotation <03> Rotate Camera
routeballoons off Routing Debug Balloons Diabled
routeballoons on Routing Debug Balloons Enabled
famtest opcount Run Series of Random Operations on Unhoused Families
save Save Currently Loaded House
history Save Family History File
plugh Say "plugh"
porntipsguzzardo Say "porntipsguzzardo"
xyzzy Say "xyzzy"
drawroutes on Selected Person's Path Displayed
drawroutes off Selected Person's Path Hidden
logmask Set Event Logging Mask
autonomy 1100 Set Free Thinking Level
simspeed 1000 1000 Set Game Speed
editgrass number Set Grass Change Value
growgrass 0150 Set Grass Growth
lotsize number Set Lot Size
simlimit milliseconds Set Max Milliseconds to Allow Simulator
sethour 124 Set Time of Day
bubbletweak z offset value Set Z Offset for Thought Bubbles
directory path Sets the Neighborhood Directory to the Path
allowinuse Sets Whether Menu Items Appear for in use Objects
memview Show Memory View Window in Debug Builds of the Game
begin Start Sim Logging simlog
swaphouses house number Swap the Two House Files and Updates Families
sweep off Ticks Disabled
sweep on Ticks Enabled
tileinfo on Tile Info Displayed
tileinfo off Tile Info Hidden
visitorcontrol Toggle Allowing Visitors to be Controlled using the Keyboard
reportassets Toggle Assets Report
autoreset Toggle Automatic Object Reset Feature
simpeek Toggle Calls to PeekMessage within Sim Loop
cammode Toggle Camera Mode
allmenus Toggle Display Unavailable Interactions in Person Control Menus
music Toggle Music
objcomp Toggle Object Compression in Save File
quats Toggle Quaternion Tranformations
soundlog Toggle Sound Log Window
sound Toggle Sounds
html Toggle Web Page Creation
reloadpeople Total Reload of People Skeletons Anmiations Suits and Skins
soundeven Trigger Sound Event
writeroutes Write out an RTE File Every Time a Route is Found
export Write Out Behavior Turning Constants to Tuning.txt

Submitted by Paul M. Holtman
Submitted by

Easy Money

Press Ctrl Alt Shift C and type:

klapaucius; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Do not press Enter just yet. Highlight everything in the cheat window and press Ctrl C. Now press Enter and the cheat window will stay open. Just keep pressing Enter as much as necessary.
Submitted by Descent

Keep Relationships High

At 4:02pm all relationships go down by 2. By using the cheat 'sethour' to 5pm when it turns 4pm works to bypass it. This is hard when they go to work at 4pm or get home at 4pm...but with the use of the pause key and when it turns 4:01 changing it back to 4:00 as many times as needed works but is painstaking.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman

Fully Restored Sim

Never feed toilet clean up...etc. If you use cheat menu and 'moveobjects on'. Then you can delete your sim. This is helpful by training the sim until he doesn't want to do anything. Save the game very important or you will lose what he has done i.e.. new friend or skill. Then go to buy objects grab the sim menu appears to delete...delete them like any other object. Then go to live mode menu. Click on deleted sim there is a red box in the bottom left corner of their picture plus they are not anywhere on screen. They now appear fully restored and in the green. This is helpful also to remove family members you dont need during any task being done dont forget to save first.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman

Cheat Tip

Using 'Moveobjects on' you can delete any trash dirty dish water spill or off property object you dont careful with mailbox and trash can because there is no way to restore them......Further in this mode you can build there house outside their lot properties and can even build a pool outside lot and they will use it thats just an example there are other things...landscaping basketball courts...whatever you want
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman

Go Back to Work

When sim gets home from work use sethour to the time car pool arrives and tell the sim to get back into car. Since while they are at work all of their needs stay same i.e. in the green for bladder energy ect by sending them back to work you can rapidly advance them provided they have the required needs to advance...skills friends..etc.
Submitted by Paul M. Holtman