Sims, The - Get 10000 Dollars

Sims, The - Get 10000 Dollars

Get 10000 Dollars

Press start then l1, l2, r1, r2, l2 r2, r1, l1, Square. If u did it correctly, you should receive 10000 dollars. If it doesn't work, you didn't do it fast enough.

First-person mode

At the cheat menu, type in FISH EYE. This cheat lets you play the game in first person.

Get energy fast

Want a quick boost? Forget naps or coffee. Touch the bug sapper. If you have unlocked the outdoor bug lamp or are living with Mimi, you can go outside and touch the bug lamp and get shocked. You won't suffer any ill affects and will be given a boost of energy.

Speed up tiling

Hold L1 or L2. Now press X to put down tiles or wallpaper instantly.

Get lots of money

Go into "build mode" and select the paint brush. Then press and hold the square button to select a section of wallpaper to sell. Now when you sell the wallpaper press square rapidly so that it sells over and over. Keep pressing square until you get as much money as you want.

The playboy mansion

Type playdude at the cheat menu screen.

Cheat codes

Go to the main menu screen then hit L1R1L2R2 to unlock cheats. Now you can navigate to the cheats menu and use the following:

Code - Result

Party M - Access the party motel game
Midas - Access 2 player games and objects/skins
Sims - Get 'Play the Sims' mode
Freeall - Zero cost for objects

Catch a burgler:
When you move out of your moms house, buy a lot of cool stuff. Then when you see the burgler call the police and catch it because yourinsurance gives you 2500 and the police gives you 1000.

Time Trick:
If you can't get to work and there's a person living with you, you can ask them to stand in front of the car for the time you need

If your Sim has no outgoing points on personality your Sim can live without talking to another Sim for 3 to 4 weeks. If your Sim has a lot of outgoing points on personality then your Sim has to talk to other Sims mostly every day. So, you better be careful about living with other Sims or not.

If you are trying to move out with a new room mate and she wants you to get your room rating higher but you want to save money then make a chart and on every third day sell all your expensive things before about 3:15 and you don't have to pay for the expensive thing at all