Skate 2

Skate 2

Pool Locations:
Pools can be found at the indicated locations on the map.

Community Pool:
Left of E and 3

Do-Drop Inn Pool:
Middle of E-F and just below 3

G.E.D. High Pool:
To the right of E and 4

Old Pool:
D and just above 4

Party Pool:
E and middle of 3-4

Poop Deck Pool:
D 8

Think Pink Pool:
Middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

Bonus Locations:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding location.

Etnies GvR Plaza:
Complete ALL Street challenges.

Monster Skate Park:
Once you have been sponsored select 'Team Film Challenges' in your phone contacts. Then complete them until you unlock a demo session with Rob Dyrdek to raise money for a new park. You can now buy the property from your challenge map for $200,000.

S.V. Dam:
Complete ALL the Thrasher magazine challenges to drain the dam. This is the site for the Thrasher Cover shot.

S.V. Mega-Ramp Stadium:
Win ALL the Tranny contests.

S.V. Summit:
Complete ALL the Death Races to unlock the peak of Cougar Mountain.

Training Park:
Complete ALL Team Film challenges.

No comply bouce:
So all you have to do is press L2(if your reglar foot R2 if not)as far down as possible without grabbing the board, next do a no comply (square + olie if reglar, x + olie if goofy) if done right you should be bouced in the air.

Plz note that this does take alittle bit of time to work, so don't get discouraged.

Unlock Big Black:
This character becomes available as a playable skater in Freeskate, Party Play and Online by going to 'Extras', selecting 'Enter Code' and typing 'letsdowork' (without the quotes).

Unlock Crowns:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Crown will become unlocked.

Unlock 'King of the Mountain' Crown:
Beat ALL of the Races in Career mode (Bonus races not included).

Unlock 'Legend' Crown:
Reach Legend level Online.

Unlock 3-D Mode (3D Glasses):
This feature is activated at the 'Main' menu by going to 'Extras' and entering the code 'Strangleloops' (without the quotes).

BIG BLACK Cheat code:
Enter 'letsdowork' in the cheatcode option to unlock Big Black as a playable character.

Unlock Dem Bonez:
This skeleton character becomes available in Freeskate and Party Play modes when you have finished ALL the 'Hall of Meat' challenges in Career mode.