Sonic the Fighters

Sonic the Fighters

Game Cheats:

Play as Super Sonic:
If you play as Sonic and clear ALL the levels in the game you will transform into Super Sonic.

Fight Metal Sonic:
To fight against Metal Sonic you must begin the game as Sonic and defeat the first eight enemies without losing any rounds.

Play as Super Sonic:
When you have defeated Metal Sonic in the first round as Sonic press Away + Punch + Kick in the second round to turn into Super Sonic.

Unlock Alternate Characters:
Press 'Start' on the following characters before selecting them to play the corresponding alternate characters.

Honey the Cat:
Press 'Start' on Amy.

Metal Sonic:
Press 'Start' on Sonic.

Dr. Eggman:
Press 'Start' on Bean

Change Music:
Press L2 or R2 at the 'Main' menu to cycle through ALL the songs in the game.