Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1


Total votes: 87


The Story Begins
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE, ACT 1.

Crush Dr. Eggman
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Defeat a boss for the first time.

The First Chaos Emerald
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Acquire a Chaos Emerald.

Enemy Hunter
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Defeat 1,000 enemies.

Golden Flash
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Clear all Acts as Super Sonic.

All Stages Cleared!
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Defeat the final boss and view the ending.

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Upload your recorded scores and clear times for all stages.

Ring Collector
Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Collect all the Rings in 'Special Stage 1' and Clear the stage.

Reward: 25 Points
Objective: Build up 99 or more extra lives.

Super Sonic Genesis
Reward: 30 Points
Objective: Acquire all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Speed's My Game
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE ACT 1 in less than a minute.

Reward: 40 Points
Objective: Clear the E.G.G. STATION ZONE without taking any damage

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