Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Defeat the Rancor on Taris

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Defeat the Rancor on Taris
Defeat the Rancor on Taris:
Before the door leading into the room where the Rancor is standing there is a severed arm or a corpse, open it take the Datapad and Synthesized Odors, then go into the room, careful not to get too close to the Rancor as it will hunt you down and smash you with its enormous paws etc. and you will die almost instantly, instead go to the pile of corpses, and take whatever is inside ah the life of the chosen one eh? then open them again and place a Frag Grenade you can do this by opening them then pressing 'X' after placing the grenade open them a place one of the odors that you took from the arm. The game will switch to a cinematic showing the Rancor running to the pile with you safely back inside the doorway, picking up a corpse, eating it, then blowing up. hope this helps in your quest to save the galaxy. May the Force be with you.

Magic Healing:
Go to a area that is safe from combat Not in combat or in a room and pause and go to the map screen. Now hit the X button to jump back to the Ebon Hawk and be healed. Select Map again and hit X again to go back to where you where.

Beat Malak:
The easiest way to beat Malak is to drain all of the life out of the jedi before you fight Malak the second time around then you mustthis part is optional equipt yor player with strength, stamina, and battle stimulants that is the easiest way to beat Malak. PS Don't waste your time using force powers on Malak most of time he resists it only use Drain life or Death field on the jedi or on Malak in an emergency.

Kill Rancor:
When you go to the door with the rancor on Taris, use Mission in stealth mode to walk past the rancor, watch out for his swinging hand. Walk through the door and there are two guards, use Mission to kill them both, you get experience for getting past the rancor without killing it. Then choose a different charecter to kill the Rancor. A different way than listed as above is walk out and throw a grenade at it then run back down the hallway a little bit. The rancor will just turn back around, after a few grenades he dies. And you get extra experience.

Glitch, hit someone with a gun:
The way to do this is to take a lightsaber/sword and select flurry and as soon as you select flurry switch to a gun and you will see yourself smack with a gun. Not a cheat but fun to do.

Keep Sith Armor:
When you obtain the Sith Armor on Taris you have to give it up to Gadon Thek once you've used it for to get to the undercity. You can keep it by equipping the armor on a party member when you select the dialog option to hand it over. Now you can wear the Sith Armor in game for as long as you want.

First have more than one controller plugged in. Before you open the door to the final battle against Malak on the Star Forge pull both triggers and press the Y button on all controllers at the same time and see what happens.

How to get extra Force Powers:
Simple. Don't level up on Taris. Once you start the game, set the difficulty through the options menu to be 'easy.' Play the game as you normally would as Carth, giving him all the good weapons, armor and medi-pacs.

How to beat Bendak at level two:
Fill yourself up with who whole bunch of stimulants, stock up on grenades and just throw them at Bendak like crazy when he stops to aim at you.

How to beat Marl at level two:
Equip a blaster and out run him, then shoot, out run him, shoot, repeat until he is dead.

Throughout the rest of Taris, play as your normally would, just as Carth. Once you get to Datooine, level up from level two with at least one force power per level

Easy Dark Points in Dantooine:
Talk to Mr. Matale, in the end, when he offers you a bribe, demand 2000 credits, and you'll get dark side points. Once he goes back into his estate talk to the droid to get him to come back out, simply repeat the process until you receive an infinite amount of those beloved Dark Points

Easy Dark Side Points:
Once you have found Sasha in the Ebon Hawk, tell her to go away. Keep saying go away. Once she starts to run away, catch her before she can leave and repeat this process. If she gets too close to the door, say ''A little girl? How did you get in here?''
Then say ''Don't worry, I won't hurt you.''
Then, ''Err....okay, whatever you say.''
Repeat this whole process until you have the level you want. I did this and it took about 5-10 minutes to turn completely dark from about 3/4 down. You can only do this when you talk to her the first time, before you get off the ship on the next planet.

Secret Ending:
You need two controllers for this trick
Before the the final battle with Darth Malak press the L & R Triggers plus the Y Button on all controllers that you have plugged into the Xbox. It's recommended to have the primary controller in port 1 and another controller in port 4. This must be done before you enter the door to face Darth Malak. You'll know if you did it right if your Jedi takes out her/his lightsaber. Then open the door and walk up to Malak and talk to him.

Infinite Dark Side Points on Manaan:
After you've come up from the Secret Kolto Base on the ocean floor, you'll be confronted by Roland Wann. He'll ask you what went on, tell him what happened. Now, choose the option ''I'm sure a few credits will help me keep quiet'' or something close to that. He'll say that's rediculous and the conversation will end. Talk to him again and select the same item, each time you'll get a Dark Side point. Use this until you're as bad as you want to be.

Magic Healing:
Go to a area that is safe from combat Not in combat or in a room and pause and go to the map screen. Now hit the X button to jump back to the Ebon Hawk and be healed. Select Map again and hit X again to go back to where you where

Droid Shutdown:
On Korriban in the Valley Of The Dark Lords there are four tombs. One of these tombs is full of droids that attack you. Destroy all of the hostile droids and open the door at the end of the long straight corridor. There is a special droid that talks to you and tells you that he wants to leave the Sith world because he doesn't agree with killing people. He then asks you to help him by shutting him down.
This is the correct order for shut down:1. Combat
2. Motor Functions
3. Sensory
4. Memory
5. Cognitive
6. Emotional Construct Matrix
7. Creative
8. Core
This will give you a lot of light points and a lot of experience

Power Transfer in Sith Tomb Instructions:
When being tested in the Sith Academy, you will be required to perform a final task. You have to go into a tomb and find a lightsaber and the star map. Along the way there is a room where you must transfer the power to the right pillar without having it overload. There are restrictions but I have the order in which You have to transfer them L for left pillar, M for middle pillar, R for right pillar:
1L to M
2L to R
3M to R
4L to M
5R to L
6R to M
7L to M
8L to R
9M to R
10M to L
11R to L
12M to R
13L to M
14L to R
15M to R
The power will be restored and you'll be allowed into the next room.

Easy way to defeat the Ratgouls:
Equip one or two vibroblades if you have them and then use your critical attack if you have enough XP:points It should lower their health by 1/3when hit with critical strike.

Party Member Locations:
Bastila - Jedi Human - Taris
Canderous - Mandalorian Soldier - Taris
Carth - Human Soldier - Endar Spire
HK-47 - Combat Droid - Tatooine buy him in the droid shop
Jolee Bindo - Jedi Human - Kashyyyk
Juhani - Jedi Guardian - Dantooine don't kill her
Mission - Tw'lek Scoundrel - Taris
Zaalbar - Wookie Scout - Taris
T3-M4 - Expert Droid - Taris

Crew Makes Items:
Here are the items your crew on the Ebon Hawk can make for you, just ask them to make it
Mission - Security Spikes Play Pazaak
Canderous - Arenal stimulants
HK-47 - Fighter simulation shooting mini-game
Jolee - Medpack
T3-M4 - Computer Spike
Zaalbar - Grenades
Juhani - Annoying accent and whining
Bastila - watch old visions
Carth - Goatee styling tips

New clothes:
Equip a character with Dark Jedi Robes or Tusken Raider garbs then select the armor option of none exit then look at the new undergarments

Misc. things:

Voice Modulation:
Note: You need two controllers for this trickWith your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller plugged into port 4. While playign the game, press the black or white button on the second controller to raise and lower the pitch of the in-game voices.

Keep the Sith Armor:
Once you obtain the armor and complete the associated quest, equip it to another party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Keep the Sandpeople Robes:
Once you obtain the robes and complete the associated quest, equip it to another party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Fun with Bastila's Wardrobe:
Equip Bastila with dark robes and then remove them to see her in slightly different underwear.

Easy way through the beginning of the Leviathan:
After you complete Tatooine, Kashyyk, and Manaan, you will be captured by Saul Karath in the Leviathan. You have the choice of leaving one character behind to escape the cruiser. The easiest character to do this with is Jolee. They lock him up with only one gaurd, so he can use his mind domination on him. After you trick the gaurd into locking himself up, go straight across the block and talk to the Rodian. He will give you a computer-slicing machine if you get him out, which is needed if you haven't developed Jolee's computer skill. Go down the hall and get the weapons out of the lockers, being careful not to alert the Sith patrol. Then equip the weapons and kill him. Go back to the Rodian's cell and break down the force field. He will give you the Icebreaker and run away. Now go down the hall where you killed the patrolman and enter the first door on the left. Kill the 2 technicians and use the Icebreaker on the terminalit can only be used once, so dont worry about wasting spikes. Make the computer release the group of Rodians from the other cell. The Sith in the barracks will rush out to kill them, at which time you should initiate the riot protocol and kill them all. From this point on it is mostly cut and dry- rescue the others and make your way through the ship.

9 Floor Panel Puzzle:
In the catacombs of the ancient pyramid, on the unknown planet which you crash land on near the Star Forge, there is a puzzle in the basement that involves 9 puzzle panels and 1 reset panel. It is a fairly easy puzzle but i have the answer anyway, so you don't have to step on random panels wildly to try to get it. I will give the order from the point of the view in which you entered the room
1Bottom right
2Top right
3Top left
4Bottom left
5Bottom middle
6Middle middle
7Bottom middle
The doors should open and you can then advance into the next room

Easy Level-Up Cheat:
First find a computer panel that has a command that allows you to access it and says "0 spikes needed." IT MUST HAVE THIS An example of where you can find this is in the Sith Academy, in the dueling area access data archive. NOTE: You may need to have a decent computer skill I recommend T3-M4. Now keep hacking it until you cant pick up your hand and then log off. You'll find that there will be a MASSIVE amount of XP points granted. Make sure you find the right type of computer. Like I said before, I recommend the one in the dueling room in the Sith Academy. You can level-up to level 20 but there's nothing after that, so select your powers and feats and skills wisely.

630 Experience Points:
On planet taris when after you get bastilla back from beating the swoop races go back to the hidden bekks hideout and do the race all over again each time you get 630 XP's but you dont have to race but you do have to talk to bastilla thats standing next to the desk to get back to your hideout and you can do this as much as you want to level up

Return Bastilia to the light side:
When you reach the Star Forge and confront Bastilia, Make sure that before and after each battle you choose the following conversation choices in order to bring her back to the light..
"I'll never give up on you, Bastilia.."
"I'm as strong in the light as I ever was.."
"Malak will never let you.."
"You're dooming yourself to.."
"Then Strike me down.."
"You are not evil, Bastilia.."
"Now you can see the dark side.."
"There's no need for me to.."
"You can reject the dark side.."
"I was redemmed, Bastilia.."
"You did Protect me.."
"Help us defeat.."
"I trust you to.."
You won't, Bastilia.."
"You could use your.."

choices those will lure Bastilia back to the light side

HK Battle Droid:
Do not tamper with HK's memory, it will be restored when when his true master is revealed later on in the game. If you proceed in trying to restore it he may lose his memory for good. May the force be with you.

Infinite Life or Force Power
For infinite life you must kill juhani but I know you want her as a party member and you do get her still so here's how it goes defeat Juhani then get both lightsabers from her and use them to kill 6 horned kath hounds in the same area or 3 in 2 different parts then report back to your Ebon Hawk right away talk to all your peeps on itebon hawkit will say light points gained and dark points gained look at your stats screen you'll be level 15 and will have infinite health untill you reach Darth Malak For infinite Force Power don't kill Juhani make sure she gets back to the council talk to her say bad things the worst you could say from your choice talk to all ocuncil members not zhal dude that trains u and level 1 up press x 20 times on the last one for shock in the line where the force move shock is click x 20 times on the lightning one I guess then it will say force power gained there you have it all you need until Darth Malak and you will also be level 15 when you do both and you can still level up and oh yeah next level up you get it will have 10 points for force moves isn't that cool?

The answers for the first jedi trial.
When you are ask to take three tests from the jedi council, you will find the first trial to be multiple choice. Here are the answers for the first trial. NOTE:The second and third trial you have to do by yourself, there is no right or wrong answer.

Answers to get the first star map on Dantooine:
When you enter the ancient tombs that you are sent to investigate, on Dantooine, you walk forward until you get to a ancient droid which you talk to. This droid will tell you that you have to do two test to prove yourself. Go to the door to the right of the droid and there will be another droid which you have to kill. When you finally get to the computer and it asks you the questions the correct answers are: 1.VOLCANIC, 2.DESERT, 3.BEREN. Nothing will happen right away because you have only done one test. Go back into the room with the ancient droid that you talked to earlier and go past him into the room to his left. There will be another droid which you kill and then when the ancient computer starts asking you the questions again here are the answers:1.OCEANIC, 2.GRASSLAND, 3.DESERT. When you have completed both test the door that is behind the anceint droid will open allowing you to get the star maps information

Easy 300 points at start:
Alright, Right when you get to the area near the end of the first level,Ender Spire click the foot locker in the room with the computer, and the droid. take the computer and droid parts. Now, quickly manage the droid so it will patrol, you have four seconds to spare...get to the computer as fast as you can, and use te computer parts to slice through the system. The electricity will kill the rest of the Sith. You will recieve 150 exp for reactivating the droid, and 150 for reactivating the security pannel.
Also, if you care about credits more than exp in the beginning, i sugget you just reactivate the droid. so you can sell your 7 computer spikes. this will add 700 dollars once you have sold them.

Get revens robes:
To get revens robes, go to deck two of the star forge. Find the door with the turret on the right. Go in. Then there is a door to the left. SLICE the computer and u can get them. They are restricted to the dark side. They can be used by humans only but can be used by all jedi classes. it gives u 4 strength, def. 5, and 1 force regeneration.

Destroy Kolto Equipment:
On the planet Manaan you have to defeat the giant shark to find the star map. You can do this one of 2 ways. The easy way is to use the poison and kill the shark but by doing this you will be banned from the planet for the remainder of the game. The other way is to destroy the kolto extracting equipment so the shark will let you pass unharmed.
Remember the injector holds 3 million and the container holds 5 million but you need to get 4 million into the container to get it to overload. This is how.
Fill the injector.
Transfer injector to container.
Fill injector
Transfer injector to container.
this will leave 1 million behind in the injector
Dump the container
Transfer injector to container.
Fill injector
Transfer injector to container.
The container will now overload and blow up. Allowing you to get the star map with ease.

Uthars Mask:
In Order to do this you must have a character with a very high security level. Preferably T3-M4. Head into the Sith Academy On Korriban and down into the area where your room is and find Master Uthars Chambers. Pick the lock and there will be a footlocker to the right. open it and you will have the mask. This mask is good because it resists a lot of force power moves and increases dark side points when you earn them