Start the Party!


Total votes: 22


Party Star (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 15 stars in a single Party session

Enduring Entrant (Bronze)
Objective: Survive for 1 minute

Survival Starter (Bronze)
Objective: Survive for 30 seconds

Big Burglar (Bronze)
Objective: Steal 5 stars in one turn in the Robber Round

The Supermassive Team (Bronze)
Objective: View the credits

Christmas Party (Bronze)
Objective: Play a game of Start the Party! (any game mode) on Christmas Day

Midnight Party (Bronze)
Objective: Play a game of Start the Party! (any game mode) between 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock at night

Empty Pockets (Bronze)
Objective: Steal the last star from someone in the Robber Round, reducing their star count to 0

Pop Tart (Bronze)
Objective: Pop a colour chain of 20+ fish

Fan-tastic (Bronze)
Objective: Waft 12 paratroopers to safety

S.W.A.T. Team (Bronze)
Objective: Swat 50 bugs in one game

Air Ambulance (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue 3 people just before the monster eats them

'I ain't afraid of no ghosts!' (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot down 6 ghosts on their way to scaring you

Awesome Artist (Bronze)
Objective: Use 5 litres of pain within the templates in one game

Pinata Basher (Bronze)
Objective: Smash a Pinata in less than 5 seconds

Short Circuit (Bronze)
Objective: Zap 15+ robots in one game

Dye-Hard (Bronze)
Objective: Use 5 litres of hair dye in one game

Chick Protector (Bronze)
Objective: Save 30+ chicks in one game

Doodlebug (Bronze)
Objective: Draw on a player's face

Radical Remix (Bronze)
Objective: Re-record someone's name

Candy Crazy (Bronze)
Objective: Survive 20 seconds with a perfect lolly

Let Sleeping Chicks Lie (Bronze)
Objective: Sshhh, don't disturb the chick!

Eagle Eye (Bronze)
Objective: Find the 5 bugs in less than 5 seconds

Peace-Lover (Bronze)
Objective: Surrender to 8 angry mobsters

Mentally Dental (Bronze)
Objective: Clean all the crocodile's teeth

Rapid Rocker (Bronze)
Objective: Completely smash a rock in less than 3 seconds

Bon Appetit (Bronze)
Objective: Munch 5 bugs in one game

Game Set Match (Bronze)
Objective: Match 5 characters in one game

Pizza Day (Bronze)
Objective: Catch 10 pizza toppings in one game, during a Three Strikes round

Brilliant Bouncer (Bronze)
Objective: Bounce an object 10 times without dropping it, during a Three Strikes round

Swashbuckler (Bronze)
Objective: Slice 40 pieces of fruit during a Three Strikes Round

Molemania (Bronze)
Objective: Hit 8 moles in a single game

Top Survivor (Silver)
Objective: Get to the top of the leader board in Survival Mode

Survivalist (Silver)
Objective: Play 20 games of Survival

Life and Soul of the... (Silver)
Objective: Play 10 games of Party Mode

Free Play Champion (Silver)
Objective: Play all the Party Games, on all difficulties in Free Play

Against the Odds (Silver)
Objective: Steal enough stars in the Robber Round to get from last to first place

Totally Bonus (Silver)
Objective: Get the bonus items in every Party game

Supermassive Party (Silver)
Objective: Take 100 different player portrait photos

Feel Free (Silver)
Objective: Play all the Party Games in Free Play

Well played (Silver)
Objective: Play all the games in Start the Party!

Party Popper (Silver)
Objective: Earn 20 stars in a single Party session

Bonus King! (Silver)
Objective: Get every bonus object within a single Party Mode play session

Serious Survivor (Silver)
Objective: Survive for 2 minutes

Persistent Partygoer (Silver)
Objective: Survive for 1 minute 30 seconds

Chain King! (Gold)
Objective: Pop a colour chain of 70+ fish in Poppin' on Hard difficulty

Unstoppable! (Gold)
Objective: One player wins 3 rounds in a row in Party Mode

I Love to Party! (Platinum)
Objective: Collect all other trophies for Start the Party!

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