Playstation 3 Stereoscopic 3D Games Are Limited To 720p Resolution

Sony's official guidelines mandate that developers are not allowed to create stereoscopic 3D games at 1080p resolution.

The guidelines state frame rate limitations as the reason behind the ban.

Simon Benson, senior development manager of Worldwide Studios' stereoscopic team, confirmed the resolution limit and explained that it is very hard to maintain 60 FPS (frames per second) at 1080p resolution. As a consequence, any game that is already running at 1080p will be downscaled to 720p.

Stereoscopic 3D video will still be allowed to run at 1080p since it requires 24 FPS only.

Benson noted that at some time in the future, a slower-paced "more cinematic" game might be exempted from the 720p limit.

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