Super Mario World Advance 2 - Beat Tutular with ease

Super Mario World Advance 2 - Beat Tutular with ease
Beat Tutular with ease:
To beat tubular with ease go to top secret area and get 2 capes then go back to tubular and fly off the first platform to the end of the level.

Get loads of life:
To get loads of lives go to star world 3 with yoshi. When you get into the level collect the life that comes out of the yoshi egg then hit the grey P button then avoid the coins that are thrown out by the lakitu and slowly walk still avoiding the coins, there should be 3 or 4 on screen towards the goal and when you pass it a notice should fly accross the screen that says "14 - up" just repeat this until you get as many lives as you need.

To be able to fly in GnarlySpecial, come with Yoshi and go to the right rope bridge. Stick Yoshi's tongue out until he reaches the blue Koopa. Now is the time to FLY, FLY, FLYYYYY Note: If you are caped you don't have to reapeatdly press the A button, You can just hold it.

Endless lives:
Get endless lives on the donut ghost house First of all you need a cape. Run until you get to the first hole. Then turn around and go left. Run until you see the speaker then jump up and fly onto a platform. Go right until you drop. There will be some extra lives and you get a key to a bonus area. In the bonus area you can get a yoshi and if you already have one out of the box comes a life. Best of all though if you leave the room and then go back in you get another life. Keep doing this as long as you want

Beat Bowser:
First pass the easiest doors until you reach Bowser. First, you wait until Bowser throws the toy dragons. When they are out jump on one and hold the toy dragon. When Bowser's ballon gets a little close to you, hold the up button and jump then let go. If it hits Bowser you got 1/6 hits. Do this again. Then, Bowser will go in his ballon and get out of the screen and go in front of the screen. Then, fire balls come out dodge them. Then, the princess comes out and says HELP and gives out mushroom get it if your little or have nothing in your backup. Keep repeating this until you beat Bowser.

Different enemies:
Complete the game, get every Yoshi coin, beat Bowser, and beat all 96 levels. After that, some enemies will have different types of heads, or look COMPLETELY different. Also, some worlds will have different colors.

Bowser shorcut:
After beating Yoshis worlds, beat Donut Plains then enter Vanilla Dome. Complete Vanilla Dome 1, the secret passage. Then complete Vanilla Secret 1, the secret passage. Go through Star World then go to the bottom right star by beating the Star courses. That star will take you to the Front Door of Bowser's castle.

Lots of lives:
In the hidden area, get the Yoshi the middle block and exit. Then go back in and hit the box where Yoshi was. A 1-Up mushroom will appear. Keep doing this for a lot of lives.

Lots of life:
To get tons of life get to top secret area and get yoshi. Go back and hit the block where yoshi wold be and out comes a One Up mushroom Do that over and over again. You can also go to yoshi's house and eat all of the fruit on the trees and get an item.