ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth - Sleeping Earthlings

ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth - Sleeping Earthlings
Sleeping Earthlings:
Sneak up on a sleeping earthling by walking pushing lightly on the thumbstick. When you get by the earthling, hit the black button. You will scream "Wake Up" and cause the earthling to fall off the edge and also drop presents and money. This works well on sleeping dentists.

Random Mode:
Successfully complete any level to unlock the "Random Mode" option.

Icarus/Funkify Combo:
Open Icarus Wings and then open Funkify Notes present and you will be able to shoot funkify notes while flying.

Double Points:
If you are doing something to funkify earthlings i.e. rhythm matching, Funk Fu Blast, etc., open an Instant Points present to receive double points for funkified earthlings.

Instant Demotion Present:
An Instant Demotion present is not necessarily bad if it is opened while near the wiseman in the carrot suit. After opening the present, you will be demoted in rank but the carrot suit guy will promote you again allowing you to earn an extra life like you did the first time you were promoted. In 2 player mode, open the Instant Demotion while both players are on the same screen and you can earn 2 extra lives.

Black Belt:
In the urban area, get first place in the spring gate battle to earn the black belt.

Drop an Identify by a snowman and you will get an Identify All.
Drop an Extra Bucks by a trash can and you will get a Jackpot.
Drop a Jackpot by a totem pole and you get a Super Notes.
Drop a Food by a picnic table and you get an Orgasmic Food.

Warp back to partner:
In two player mode, if you fall off the edge of the land, press White open the map. Then, press A to warp back to your partner. Note: Your partner must be alive for this to work.