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Note that you can only get six out of the seven different gag tracks. You start with throw and squirt, and throughout the game you get to train for the different gags.

Here are all the gags for ALL the gag tracks:

level 1 feather
level 2 joke megaphone
level 3 lipstick
level 4 dance
level 5 pixie dust
level 6 juggling
level 7 high dive

level 1 banana peel LOLOLOLOL
level 2 rake
level 3 marbles
level 4 quicksand
level 5 trapdoor
level 6 TNT
level 7 train tracks

level 1 1 bill
level 2 small magnet
level 3 5 bill
level 4 big magnet
level 5 10 bill
level 6 hypno-goggles
level 7 presentation

level 1 bike horn
level 2 whistle
level 3 bugle
level 4 aoohga I don't know what it means either
level 5 elephant
level 6 fog horn
level 7 opera voice

level 1 cupcake
level 2 fruit pie slice
level 3 cream pie slice
level 4 whole fruit pie
level 5 whole cream pie
level 6 birthday cake
level 7 wedding cake

level 1 squirting flower
level 2 glass of water
level 3 squirt gun
level 4 seltzer bottle
level 5 fire hose
level 6 storm cloud
level 7 geyser

level 1 flower pot
level 2 sandbag
level 3 anvil
level 4 1 ton weight
level 5 safe
level 6 grand piano
level 7 ocean cruiser

Level 7 gags are accessed by earning 10000 experience points. You can only carry one at a time, but they are super-powerful, they affect all cogs, and after you use one you need 500 more exp. points for another. You can also not buy them in gag stores - but you can plant them.

Trap gags are useless unless you or another toon has lure. The cog must move forward to fall for the trap.

Sound gags will take cogs out of their lured position.

Default gag - you get it at the start.

Attack nothing:
When battling a group of Cogs four, you can attack nothing. Because throw gags are used first, have one Toon attack a Cog with a powerful enough gag that it will totally destroy the Cog. Have yourself or another Toon use squirt to attack that same Cog. Make sure that another Toon is using squirt on a separate cog, so that it should be as follows: one Toon's using a throw gag, another one is using squirt on the same cog, and another is using squirt on a different cog. Watch as it plays out. The Toon with throw will destroy that single Cog first. Then you will move on to squirt, but the toon that is attacking the same Cog will use squirt on nothing while the other uses squirt on the other Cog. The Cog that was already destroyed is still gone, but there are explosions as if you still destroyed it. This may still let you gain experience.

Birthday cake:
Earn 6000 throw experience points for the birthday cake gag.

Black Cat
To get a black cat, first you must make a new toon on HALLOWEEN DAY ONLYmake it as a cat Then when you see Flippy near the entrance to the Toontown Central playground and he asks you to say something, say 'Toontastic'

Voila You now have a special spooky black cat.

Bonus damage:
If multiple toons choose gags from the same gag track and successfully hit the same cog, you will do bonus damage to the attacked cog.

Cream pie slice:
Earn 50 throw experience points for the cream pie slice.

Enter abyss:
Go to your room in your house. Angle the wardrobe so it faces the wall. Use it, and immediately cancel . You will now be in an endless abyss. To exit, walk into a wall of your house, or teleport using the shticker book. To hover press [Ctrl].

Exclusive emotion:
Go down Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. Near the end of the street is a building called "Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Say the Speedchat Phrase, "Would you like some help?". The clerk will give you a new emotion in your list of emotions called "Resistance Salute". When used, your toon will jump into the air and say "Toons of the world unite". Note: This stays with your toon all the time, just like any other emotion. It will not be with all the toons on your account. You must take other toons you have to the same building and repeat.

Floating toon:
In the CFO battle, if your side defeats the waves of cogs first, look around the room. Go to the side of the room with the elevator you came in through and jump near the elevator. Your toon will float in the little area beside the elevator.

Get the resistance emotion. Use it, then while using it before you land, hold [Up]. You will now float on the ground. You can use [Left] or [Right], but not [Down].

Fruit pie slice:
Earn 10 throw experience points for the fruit pie slice.

Get on roof:
Create a small toon. Go to your estate. Go to where your roof overhangs your house. Go up to the wall. Press [Ctrl] to jump. While jumping, press [Down]. If your toon shoots up, press [Up] or you will sink through the roof. You will now be on the roof.

Glass of water
Earn 10 squirt experience points for a glass of water.

Go behind house:
At your Toon's estate, take your wardrobe and turn it around so it faces the wall. Put it next to the wall then enter the back of the wardrobe. You should go through the wall. Note: Do not put it next to the wall dividing the front room from the back room.

Go outside the playground:
This glitch is difficult to accomplish, but works. When you are in a playground, watch the street entrances. Of course Toons go through it. If you can teleport to a Toon going through a street entrance at the correct moment, you can appear outside of the entrance that they went through. You must time it correctly, so that it will not say " has gone somewhere else Try again", or you appear in the tunnel and it takes you to the street. If timed correctly, you will now be outside of the playground and can go as far as desired wherever you want. Note: This also works in gag shops. When done in gag shops you can then go behind the counter.

Go through wall:
Occasionally while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball Stadium, just after you hit the Turbo red arrows on track and you hit the wall. your cart will go through it.

Head through elevator:
When you are inside a cog building and have defeated the cogs on that floor, the next elevator will open to take you to the next floor. If you have over three Toons with you, try to be the third or fourth Toon to enter the elevator. This will place you in the front row of the elevator. Before the screen cuts to the part where the elevator goes up, use the emotion "Angry". Your head will go through the elevator. Note that this can work when your Toon is close to most walls.

Look inside building:
Just before you fight the supervisor in the Cashbot HQ's bullion mint, go to the safe when it is gray. Jump into it and you will go outside the building and be able to look inside of it.

Look through buildings:
Press [Tab] key to look at things as if you were really the toon. Go up to a building or a fence to look through it. To return to the screen that looks at your toon, press [Tab] a few times until it appears.

Mickey Mouse special insert:
At the toon selection screen look at the pattern of light behind the coloured squares. The light forms the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Over fences playgrounds:
Get another toon to stand next to the hedge/fence then teleport to this toon, this may take a few tries. To try multiple times, make the other toon turn round many times.This is brilliannt for me and works all the time Happy Glitching

Polar Toon:
Go to the Brrrrrgh and go down Polar Place. Look for a store called "Hibernation Vacations". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Use the Speedchat Phrase "Howdy". Your Toon will become large and colorless for as long as you are in the Brrrrgh, or until you sign out.

Reversed controls:
In your estate, go to the pond that you can fish from. You should see a little sewer like object that is connected to the pond. If you look to the right towards the stream, you should see one just like it. Jump onto this other one, and your controls will be reversed while you are on it: up is backward, and down is forward.

Much like the location in your estate, there is another area that reverses your controls in the Sellbot Factory. Go past the Gear Room, and through the door. There should be a Goon in front of you, and to your right should be a path leading to the Paint Mixer. Immediately when you go through the door at the end of the gear room, go right towards the bars separating you from the chasm. In a little area around there, your controls will be reversed.

Screen shots:
When you are doing something that you might want to remember, press [F9] key to take a screen shot. It might not be saved in your Toontown folder. For example, defeat a cog building and go inside that building to see your toon's picture. Have all the toons who helped defeat that cog building stand in front of their own picture. Press [F9] to take a screen shot.

Sellbot HQ glitch:
In Sellbot HQ, when you finish the lobby area you can go to the lookout by going through the door straight ahead of the storage area in front of the lobby. Occasionally, if you jump in the lookout you will land in the warehouse This helps lots because you skip the boiler room or the gear room, and you will not have to worry about getting past all the goonies guarding the warehouse. To get back to the lookout if you fall in the warehouse jump forward into the back brick wall. You will go through it and end up in the lookout

Sellbot VP walkthrough:
The Sellbot VP is one of the hardest battles you will ever do. First, you must beat the Sellbot Factory 10 times to acquire all the pieces of your cog disguise. Then, join together with 7 other POWERFUL toons to beat the Sellbot Senior VP.

This is a very hard and long battle so don't try this if you don't have much time. Also, you should also have at least 55 laff. When you are ready, try to have your toon group as close as you can to this.

Toon 1 80 laff
Toon 2 you at least 55 laff
Toon 3 100 laff
Toon 4 80 laff
Toon 5 90 laff
Toon 6 100 laff
Toon 7 65-75 laff, lots of toon-ups

4 Toons should have all gags except lure or sound, and 4 should have all except trap.

With a little luck, you should be paired up with only one of toon 7 or 8.

The Vp is tough The first battle Cogs is the easiest. Some cogs will be up to level 12, and some will be level - 1? Don't worry about these guys.

Use lots of toon-ups and use lure whenever you can. If you have a toon SOS card from a previous VP battle, now may be a good time to use it as you will get another if you win. After all the cogs are defeated, then the second round begins.

Chase the VP down. There is not much you can do here, because the VP throws 3 damage gears at you and if you run into him then you lose 1 laff.

Round 2 are Skelecog battles, WAY harder than the cogs. By now you should have about half of your gags used up, so you should have saved up your powerful gags. There will not be any really low level skelecogs here, so hopefully you will be lucky and be paired up with a 100 laff toon.

Finally, the last battle is against the Sellbot Senior VP. This is an extremely hard battle, because I think that the Toontown programmers changed the VP battle so that the VP starts at the door rather than the bottom of the ramp up to the door. First, jump up to touch the bottom of the cage holding the captured shopkeeper to receive a supply of cream pies. Hold Delete to fire a pie.

There are 3 attacks that the VP will use to attack you.

- Gear throwing attack that usually fires at one or two specific toons. Does 5 damage and is easily avoidable.

- Spinning attack that sends screws shooting in all directions in close range to the VP. You shouldn't really have to worry about this 3-damage attack unless you all close-range attacking him.

- Gravitational pulse jump attack. There actually isn't a pulse, but you have to jump when he lands otherwise you will fall and lose 10 laff points. This is probably the most dangerous attack in the battle; it is quite hard to avoid.

When the VP is attacking you, note that for a brief period of time his undercarriage will open up. Throw a pie in there and the VP will be stunned. Then hit him with pies in his face and chest and he will roll backwards. The idea is to get him to roll off the sellbot launch platform pretty far away, which is why I said not to try this if you don't have much time.

Just a few strategy tips for you advanced gamers:

- Getting hit with a pie replenishes 1 laff.

- This is a diagram of what a good toon group will have-

/ t
/ t -- t
/ vp
/ t -- t
/ t
/ captured tt


The two toons that are in the bottom-right corner? I am assuming that one toon has low laff. That toon, along with another, should go in the bottom right corner where it is safe and the high laff toon should keep hitting the low laff toon with pies This works, but just be sure to jump when the VP does.

There are actually only 3 attacks, but 5 ways to get damage. When the VP's undercarriage opens, gears fly out and take away 3 laff if you get hit. Lastly, the fifth way to get damage is running into the VP. This takes away 1 laff.

The Pillow Glitch/Invisible Stairs Glitch:
Want to get on top of the pillow in Donald's Dreamland? Follow these steps

1. Go into Donald's Dreamland and stand next to Lullaby Lane, facing the rest of the playground.
2. Wait until you see a Toon on the other side running toward Pajama Place.
3. When the Toon passes the Pet Shop A good timing spot in my opinion, immediately teleport to that toon.
4. With luck, they won't stop and keep running toward Pajama Place and enter. When you teleport to them, you should be inside the tunnel, but not actually going into it.
5. Run through the abyss and go to the giant pillow in the playground by walking AROUND the sides.

And there you are It takes good timing to get onto the pillow, so be patient.

Once more thing, if you want to be able be able to run up and down on the pillow as if you were on stairs, just have a friend stay on the pillow as you walk down to some stairs. Then, run up and down them and teleport to the friend at the SAME TIME. Then when you teleport, you should be able to climb higher up or down as if you were on invisible stairs

Toontown best:
The best gag is the level 7 Drop gag.

Top toon easy 2 1st places:
As this cheat requires you to buy the most cattlelog items in a day, fill your bean bank to the max. Then, buy as many items as you can - make sure that they are low-priced. Obviously, you can get 1st place on the top toons list by buying the most cattlelog items in a day out of everyone playing that day. To get another top toon list 1st place, give all the cattlelog items you purchased to somebody as gifts. You should have 2 records if you buy the mst cattlelog items: one for buying them, and another for giving them.

Walk in battle at SBHQ:
After the first battle in the VP, right when the VP is about to go up to the platform, open and close your book. You should be able to walk around when your talking to the SOS guy... Walk up to the VP and keep running into him, if your lucky, when every1s done talkin to him, youll be basiclly inside him, now you walk around when your battling the skelecogs. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless your battling with your friends, usually people are annoyed by it... Also, whenever a new cog or cogs come out, you have to open and close your book so that you can see where your running.

Water ripples:
Go in your house and use the "Go behind house" glitch. Once there, try to buy a Small Rug/ It is small and red. Put it on the outside of your house. Note that gravity still applies when you jump on the rug. Jump on the rug, and at the top of your jump move out from over the rug. You will be floating higher than usual. Open and close your Shticker book. You will start to move down. Do this at least two times and you will be below the normal walking level. When you move, water ripples will form above you. Note: To get back just go under your house floor.

Weird jump glitch:
In the sellbot HQ courtyard, go into the big pit, and stand right against the pit wall that faces the sellbot vp elevator building. Now jump and hold Ctrl as well as the up arrow. If done correctly, your toon should bounce up into the wall, about halfway up, and then hit the wall again and bounce into another jump with his/her/its arms up into the air.

Whole Cream pie:
Earn 2000 throw experience points to get the whole cream pie.

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