Top Gun

Top Gun


I feel the need... (Bronze)
Objective: Awarded after 3 afterburner boosts.

Gutsiest move I ever saw... (Bronze)
Objective: First plane locked onto with missiles when in CFI and then successfully killed.

Jester's Dead (Bronze)
Objective: Jester is shot down at any point by either you or your wingman.

Close But No Cigar (Bronze)
Objective: Mission 4 (1st playthrough - Viper wins).

Top Gun (Bronze)
Objective: Mission 4 (2nd playthrough - Player wins)

Target Rich Environment (Bronze)
Objective: 99 kills in Multiplayer (with Missiles or Guns).

Goosed (Bronze)
Objective: Rewarded for more than 10 gratuitous deaths in a single multiplayer match.

You can be my wingman anytime... (Silver)
Objective: Complete all the Indian Ocean missions.

No Points For Second Place (Silver)
Objective: Be the first to get the star in a multiplayer match, and hold on to it until the bitter end.

The Pattern is Full (Gold)
Objective: Complete all of Prologue, Top Gun Academy and Indian Ocean with all planes (any difficulty).

Secret Trophies

You're Dangerous (Bronze)
Objective: Complete any one of three hidden flight runs.

That's Right, I am Dangerous (Silver)
Objective: Complete all 3 of the hidden runs