Totem Tribe Gold

Totem Tribe Gold


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Game Cheats:
Energy Spheres:
To get Energy Spheres you can either complete the Oasis water task and get it from the nomads or you can find one on an island to the north west using your Clairvoyance spell.

The Oasis Water Task:
To complete the task given to you at the nomad camp to give them exactly 4 measures of water you need to get a jar that holds 8 and a jar that holds 5 measures and follow the steps below. You can fill or empty the jars in your inventory by dipping them in the well by the tents. You can pour water from one into the other by picking up the jar in your inventory and clicking on the jars by the tents.

1) Fill the 8 jar and pour into the 5 jar. 3/8
2) Empty the 5 jar.
3) Pour the water from 8 into 5. 3/5
4) Fill 8 from the well.
5) Pour water from 8 into 5. 6/8
6) Empty 5.
7) Pour water from 8 into 5. 1/8
8) Empty 5.
9) Pour water from 8 into 5. 1/5
10) Fill 8 from the well.
11) Pour into 5. 4/8

Search the indicated areas to find the corresponding collectable

Gems of Power

1. Orange - Liana Island:
Brown chest on small island in north east. Go through mountain to get there.

2. White - Seagull Island:
Inside hollow tree.

3. Red - Red Rock Island:
Slide puzzle.

4. Green - Witch Island:
Mud pool.

5. Yellow - Great Desert:
Mountains in north east.

6. Blue - Oasis:
Ostrich figurine chest in south (use clairvoyance spell).

7. Violet - Abandoned City:
Crook and flail chest.

Ancient Coins

1. Dolphin Island:
Light puzzle.

2. Monkey Island:
Chestnut chest.

3. Seagull Island:
Walnut chest.

4. Skull Island:
Rusty key chest.

5. Frozen Vale Island:
White shell chest.

6. Witch Island:
Chest on peninsula.

7. Rimy Isles:
Pine cone chest.


1. Red Rock Island:
Beast lair.

2. Bone Island:
Bone chest.

3. Great Desert:
Inside gate.

4. Oasis:
Copper key chest.

5. Abandoned City:
Glyph chest.

6. Mist Island:
Chest found with Sphere of Clarity.

7. Volcano Island:
Pyramid behind fire wall near Hall of Mysteries.

8. Beetle Island:
Light orb chest.

Shaman Masks

1. Cradle of the North:
Reward for killing sharks.

2. Scorched Island:
In Wolf Tribe temple.

3. Volcano Island:
From Hall of Mysteries.

4. Shark Achipelago:
Behind rune door.

5. Island of Worship:
In mountain enclosure in south, use Idol of Divination.


1. Beetle Island

2. Monkey Island (small island south west)

3. Witch Island

4. Skull Island

5. Blueberry Island (small island south east)

6. Scorched Island (small island south east)

7. Island of Yeti

8. Cradle of the North

Shark teeth

1. Tetala Island (north west)

2. Lonely Iceberg (north west)

3. Red Rock Island (east)

4. Blueberry Island (south east)

5. Shark Archipelago (center)

6. Ruins of Dream Shore (no shark)

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