Toy Story 3 - Gold Stars


Total votes: 35


Gold Stars:

Amateur Bug - Collector Rescue 3 Caterpillars
Amateur Ghost Sucker - Captured 3 ghosts with the Lightning Rod
Amateur Haunter - Possessed 3 townspeople
Amateur Kicker - Drop kick 5 townspeople
Avid Customer - Collect all customizations for Haunted House, Enchanted Glen and Zurg's Spaceport
Big Spender - Spend 30,000
Breaking Boards - Smash 25 Crates and Barrels
Enchanted Sheriff - Complete all Enchanted Glen Missions
Gone Wanderin' - Traveled a long distance on foot
Haunted Explorer - Found all prize capsules in Haunted House
Having a Ball - Hit 30 things with a ball
Jr Monster Slayer - Destroyed 5 Gargoyles
Jr Pixie Torcher - Torched 5 pixies with the Dragon
Jr Re-animator - Create 3 zombie townspeople
Jumpin' Jackrabbits! - Jumped a long distance with Bullseye
Knock It Off - Clobbered 10 mission givers
Long Haul - Explored in a vehicle
Master Grower - Made 10 things bigger
Master Monster Slayer - Destroyed 10 Gargoyles
Master Pixie Slayer - Defeated 10 pixies
Master Re-animator - Create 10 zombie townspeople
Master Shrinker - Made 10 things smaller
Miner 49er - Mined 15 gold veins
Mission Master - Complete 50 missions
On A Mission - Completed 10 missions
Parachute King - Hit 15 Paratrooper Targets
Power Shopper - Buy 10 things from the catalog
Prize Capsule Collector - Collect 15 prize capsules
Prize Capsule Enthusiast - Collect 25 prize capsules
Pro Kicker - Drop kick 10 townspeople
Ridin' the Range - Travel a long distance on Bullseye
Riding the Rails - Slid a long distance on the rails
Rolly Polly - Do 40 barrel rolls in a vehicle
Saddle the Dragon - Travel a long distance on the Dragon
Saving Up - Earn more than 30,000 gold
Sheriff of the Future - Complete all Zurg's Spaceport missions
Space Explorer - Found all prize capsules in the Spaceport
Spooky Sheriff - Found all prize capsules in the Haunted House
Strongman - Carried a heavy object for a long distance
Swimming Lessons - Throw 5 townspeople into the water
Triple Flusher - Flush outhouse 3 times
Under the Sea - Jump in the water 10 times
Wand Waver - Give wings to 10 things
Winner's Circle - Attempt 20 Bullseye races
Woodland Explorer - Found all prize capsules by the rainbows
Zurg Bot Destroyer - Destroy 10 Zurg Bots
Zurg Bot Smasher - Destroyed 3 Zurg Bots

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