Two Worlds - Cheat Codes

Two Worlds - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes:
While playing, press to bring up the console. Type "TwoWorldsCheats 1" without quotes into the console to activate cheat mode. Then type any of the following cheat codes in the console.

Note: Codes are case-sensitive.

Code - Result:
healH - Full Health
AddGold - Add Gold = Amount
SetGold - Set Gold = Amount
AddSkillPoints - Add Skill Points = Amount
AddParamPoints - Add Param Points = Amount
AddExperiencePoints - Add Experience Points = Amount
SetStrength - Set Strength = Amount
ResetFog - Reveal Map
physx.char.speed 30 - Run Faster

Bonus Items:
With these codes you can unlock all the 5 Bonus Items. Every Code can only be taken once per Game. To enter the Codes just open the console us and german and enter the following codes. After you entered the Codes, the item will fall to your feet.

Remember to enter the Cheat EXACTLY as given WITH "BonusCode" and a space infront of the code.

Code - Effect
Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 - Armor of Darkness
BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152 - Aziraal's Sword of Fire
Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 - Great Shield of Yatolen
Bonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224 - Spear of Destiny
Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 - The Great Bow of Heaven's Fury