UFC Undisputed 2010 - Cheat Codesbr

UFC Undisputed 2010 - Cheat Codesbr

Cheat Codes:
BJ Penn with black trunks
Press L1, R1, L2, R2(2), L2, R1, L1, Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, Start at the main menu.

TapouT crew (Mask, Skyscrape, and Punkass)
Press Down(2), Up, Right, Left, Down, Select, Start at the main menu.

Shaquille O'Neal
Press Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Square, Triangle(2), Square, Start at the main menu.

Free shop items
Accumulate enough points to purchase an item in the ship. Go to the item then press X to select it. When asked if you want to purchase the item, select "Yes". Then press Circle instead of returning to the shop menu. You will still have the item, but your points will not have been spent.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Puppeteer (Bronze): Create a fighter in Create A Fighter.
Puppetmaster (Bronze): Win a fight against the CPU with a fighter you've created in Create A Fighter.
As Real As It Gets (Bronze): Experience an entire 8 fight event card in Event Mode.
White Belt (Bronze): Win 10 Online Exhibition matches in total.
Baby Steps (Bronze): Win an Online Exhibition Ranked match.
Warriors, Come Out And Play (Bronze): Join an Online Camp.
Under Your Wing (Bronze): Act as a trainer in Online Camp Training.
Submission Technician (Bronze): Win a fight with a Submission Transition.
It's The Jits! (Bronze): Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.
Steamroller (Bronze): Win a fight by KO/TKO against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.
Kay. Tee. Eff. Oh! (Bronze): Win a fight by Flash KO against a CPU opponent.
Learned Student (Bronze): Go through all tutorials.
Tournament Title Holder (Bronze): Win at least one championship in the Tournament Mode.
Testing the Waters (Bronze): Play all modes at least once, check the shop and all options.
Honorable Fighter (Bronze): Touch gloves at the beginning of 10 matches.
Coming Up Next.. (Bronze): Download an Event for Event Mode.
Blog Fodder (Bronze): Complete a post-fight interview in Career Mode.
Hot Hands (Silver): Win 10 Online Exhibition Ranked matches consecutively.
Olympic Mixed Martial Artist (Silver): Online Exhibition - Obtain all types of gold medals.
Gotta Catch 'Em All (Silver): Collect all Topps UFC Trading Cards.
Veteran Champion (Silver): Complete the Title Defense Mode.
Budding Champion (Silver): Complete the Title Mode.
Ultimate Unlocks (Silver): Complete all A, B, and C class challenges (Red and Blue Corner) in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.
Yellow Belt (Silver): Win 25 Online Ranked Matches.
Purple Belt (Silver): Win 50 Online Ranked Matches.
Brown Belt (Silver): Win 75 Online Ranked Matches.
The Cessation Sensation! (Silver): Win by all methods of stoppage against the CPU. (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage).
Bobbin' And Weavin' (Silver): Dodge 3 consecutive strikes via sway (Outside of Tutorial Mode).
Move Mastery (Silver): Reach 'World Class' (Level 3) status with a technique or move.
Hall of Famer (Gold): Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career Mode.
So Now You're A Fighter (Gold): Complete the Career Mode.
Pound For Pound Champ (Gold): Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career Mode.
Black Belt (Gold): Win 100 Online Ranked Matches.
Platinum (Platinum): Congratulations!

Additionally there are three secret trophies.
It Slices, It Dices (Bronze): Is there a doctor in the stadium!?
Cocky S.O.B. (Bronze): No respect for your opponent.
Fighting with Pride (Bronze): Now you're dirty boxing with Pride!